Wednesday, May 19th, 2021

Claiming to be consumed with guilt, Chelsea wants Rey’s forgiveness – tonight. Oh, and it’d help my case, right?? The doctor checks his watch but his protests are weak; he has no spine.

It’s not Summer’s place to speak to Tara’s motivations. I’ll go up and ask her right now, Phyllis again asks – is this little boy Kyle’s? Summer nods.

Kevin makes small talk with Rey (who then asks Chloe when she first knew that Chelsea wasn’t in her right mind; and how – since she couldn’t communicate) It’s not fair to put Chloe on the spot when we’re out for family time, Kevin frets. It’s OK – Chloe tells Rey that she could see the pain in Chelsea’s eyes. Why didn’t you tell anyone? Rey thinks if she had they could have avoided all this pain. No, Chelsea did NOT know that Chelsea was faking her paralysis. Getting a call from the doctor, Rey heads out. Chelsea thanks her doctor – this will make all the difference, she smiles.

Adam’s bored and whiney watching a baseball game with Nick (who loves the game) What would you rather be doing? Adam likes to read. That’s not really a group activity. Hmmm, how about poker? Right, Nick deadpans – you had that cool nickname; grasshopper. Spider, Adam corrects. Victor arrives with a ‘well, well, well’ (pleased to see his boys together.

Returning to an empty suite, Kyle sees that he missed his Dad’s calls and text (wanting to help the son he loves) I’m OK, we’ll talk in the morning, Kyle replies before falling back on the bed.

You’re entitled to be upset and angry, Phyllis sympathizes with Summer (who’s future with Kyle has changed) In tears, Summer admits she’s known for months, shortly after Kyle learned he had a son. What does she want? Tara wants Kyle to go public. No! Phyllis protests.

Showing up at Society, Billy and Lily greet Ashland (who bids them all a good night and leaves) Lily finds it curious that Vikki mentioned seeing Locke’s jet earlier – and here she is looking cozy with him having drinks. Vikki’s plans to meet Abby here fell through; she’s just finishing her drink. Billy’s not buying it.

We’re on the same side – if you’re planning a power move against you Dad, you can tell me. Good night, Vikki leaves him and Lily to speculate (since she didn’t deny it) Billy would rather talk about which one of the houses they saw will be their home.

Phyllis believes that Summer and Kyle will be stronger because of this – your family will support you. When Ashland comes to TGP wanting a room, Phyllis tells him there’s none available – we’re all booked up. After Locke leaves, Phyllis can see that he intends to make this ugly for everyone, but she isn’t scared – don’t you dare let him scare you, she tells Summer.

Victor’s happy to see his sons hanging out together. Thanks for the beer, Nick has to go. Thanks for the lesson on brotherly bonding, Adam quips. Don’t get your hopes up, he tells his Father after Nick leaves.

Chelsea needs Rey to forgive her. He needs an official statement. Chelsea’s sorry she poisoned him – it made sense at the time. The doctors think it might be the stroke or I snapped due to being mistreated by Adam. If Rey can’t say he understands that, she’s not sure she can carry on.

Rey does understand Chelsea’s motivation, but he wonders why she didn’t reach out for help. Chelsea was helpless – Adam brought Sharon in to help her. I didn’t know I needed help, she tears up – I was broken and lost. Rey looks suspicious.

Why shouldn’t Victor get his hopes up? Because Nick’s gratefulness will wear off and he’ll soon remember why he hates me, Adam’s sure. He likes the name Newman Media but Vikki will hate it. So what? We’ll do great things together – like crush ChanceCom.

Lily’s not getting cold feet but hopes they’re ready to sign papers. Billy wants to wake up beside Lily every day. OK – let’s decide which place to get – Lily’s ready to start the next chapter.

Nick’s back at TGP to tell Phyllis about his visit with Adam. What’s going on with Summer (Kyle and Tara) She’ll tell you in the morning, Phyllis asks Nick not to insert himself into the situation – let Summer make the first move.

Kyle’s relieved when Summer comes back to the suite. She’s scared, not of Ashland – but how him co-parenting Harrison with Tara will affect their relationship. It’ll be OK, Kyle promises.