Thursday, May 20th, 2021

Summer wakes Kyle up – you need to get to work. She’s sorry he had trouble falling asleep last night – have you changed your mind on claiming custody? No, Kyle can’t turn his back on his son. He will get a paternity test, but next step is telling his Dad what’s going on.

At CL’s, Jack briefly tells Billy that Summer and Kyle left their engagement party. Billy announces that he and Lily are moving in together – she’s perfect for me.

Phyllis is sorry to hear that Lily’s moving out of TGP. She glances at her tablet – I see you’re looking at a place on Chestnut. I used to live there – ‘it was fantastic’, she leaves Lily to mull that over.

Chelsea’s so glad to see Chloe – who’s glad to see her BFF too (but sorry it’s in here) Chelsea’s sure she’ll be released soon. I’m not crazy! You faked a mental breakdown? Relaying her run-in with Rey, Chloe’s astonished to hear that Chelsea saw him last night too – what did you say to him????

At CL’s, Rey tells Sharon about his visit with Chelsea – she was playing on my sympathies. Sharon suspects Chelsea only claimed she and Adam were having an affair to rile him up and play the victim. Rey’s not so sure – she was completely consumed jealousy. If she’s lying about that, he has to second guess everything Chelsea said last night.

Chelsea needed Rey to believe that Adam literally drove her out of her mind. It worked but isn’t sure it’s a good idea to appeal to the cops; specifically the detective you poisoned. Kevin worries you might slip up. You told Kevin!? Yes, Chloe told Kevin (who she trusts with her life) Alarmed, Chelsea vows she’d implicate her incredible friend. Chloe’s here for her friend no matter what.

It’s possible that Chelsea’s confession and breakdown was a performance. Rey will talk to her doctor. Your job is to prove who poisoned you – can’t someone else tie up the loose ends? Sharon just wants to move on. No, the police need to find out the truth. Yes, but another detective should handle the case – what if Chelsea comes up with more stories about me and Adam? Don’t you want to stop obsessing about him?

Vikki runs into Nina at Society. After a brief mention of Faith, Nina’s reminded of Chance donating part of his liver to Ronan to save his life; the son I raised came through for his half brother. That’s the ONLY thing Chance has in common with Adam, Vikki comments.

In his suite, Kyle tells Tara that he’s going to take the paternity test and hire a lawyer but he knows it’ll take a lot more than that to solve her problems with Ashland. Maybe he’ll lose interest in Harrison once he knows he’s not his Father? Tara doesn’t think he’d walk away (and it wouldn’t be good for Harrison if he did) She agrees it’s a good idea that Kyle gets to know the boy – I’ll go get him.

Dropping by the penthouse, Phyllis knows Adam’s happy to see her. She has a warning – if you take advantage of Nick’s goodwill I’ll come down on you like a sledgehammer. Yes, Adam understands – you’re not exactly subtle.

Rey reassures Sharon that Mike will be the one charging Chelsea with attempted murder – he’s just as eager to put this behind them and focus on each other.

Nick’s lucky to have someone so loyal in his corner, Adam points out that Phyllis has worked to redeem herself – and that not everyone will believe it. But, his Father does, and Nick too. Adam doesn’t want to harm Nick or anyone else – he just wants a fresh start. You saved Faith’s life – again. A lot of eyes are on you, waiting for you to screw up, Phyllis’ work is done here.