Thursday, May 20th, 2021

Tara’s just quickly slipping in and out to get some snacks. Kyle’s watching Harrison (who he can take back to the nanny if either of them get uncomfortable) Kyle’s left to chat to Harrison about his own Mom and the boy’s toy dinosaur. Does you Mom make you laugh a lot? Harrison nods.

Tara gets off the elevator and runs straight into Harrison. Hello Tara, he says coolly.

Lily’s leaning towards the condo on Chestnut Street. Billy likes that one too. Listing everything he likes about the neighborhood, he should probably explain how he’s so familiar with it. You lived there with Phyllis, Lily correctly guesses.

Billy didn’t tell Lily he lived in that building before because he didn’t want Lily to pre-judge the place. What he sees as ancient history, she sees as relevant information. No, Billy won’t have flashbacks every time he walks in the lobby. But if it makes Lily feel better, he suggests a test run – a picnic at the condo. If Lily still feels ‘weird’ about it, they’ll cross Chestnut Street off the list.

Vikki tells Nina that no one in GC understands how Chance could have been friends with Adam (starting in Vegas) She’s glad Chance finally saw him for who he is. No, she’s NOT going to ‘cut Adam any slack’. And damn right she disapproves of her Father’s relationship with Adam. Now we’re stuck with him. Seeing that her takeout order’s ready, Vikki expresses hope to Nina that Chance is home soon.

Summer calls – she thought Kyle would be at work by now – did you fall back asleep? No, he spent some time with Harrison; a sweet little guy. Yes, we hit it off. I’ve got to get him and Tara out of this hotel. Maybe Jack will let them move into the house – once he hears that Harrison is his grandson. Things are moving so fast, a troubled Summer hangs up when Jack enters the boardroom.

Take me to my son right now – you’ve kidnapped him! Ashland accuses. Tara needs assurance that he won’t take him and run. Like YOU did?! Phyllis doesn’t appreciate the Lockes arguing in her lobby. If this is a ‘private matter’ go do it in private. Leave, NOW, Phyllis glares (clearly not intimidated by Ashland)

Ashland doesn’t want Tara anymore – he’s filed for divorce already. Tara thinks he’s crazy if he thinks she’d abandon her child. Do I have to call security? Phyllis is back to ask. After he leaves, Tara thanks her. I didn’t do that for you, I did it for my daughter, Phyllis makes clear she’s no ally. She agrees that they’ll both do what’s necessary to protect their children.

Kyle’s on his way and wants to talk to you, Summer tells Jack (who’s concerned about her too) He supports her and Kyle no matter what. Appreciating that, Summer leaves him puzzled.

Walking into CL’s, Nick exchanges quick texts with the ‘busy’ Summer then chats to Sharon about Adam. Both are optimistic he’ll take advantage of this opportunity to start over. Vikki arrives rolling her eyes and full of scorn – don’t tell me you’ve fallen for Adam’s mind games (especially after telling ME I’m the one like Dad)

When Ashland meets him and Adam at Society, Victor comments that he looks good after his heart attack. Ashland won’t hold his hardball tactics against him – I’d have done the same damn thing. He heard Adam’s fiancee framed him for attempted murder. That’s the way relationships go – you don’t see it coming til it’s too late.

Victor’s sorry to hear that Ashland’s getting a divorce. Locke shrugs it off – his only concern is his son. He implies that Adam’s lucky that Chelsea isn’t in a position to fight for custody. Billy then strolls in – hello gentlemen; discussing how to bring down ChanceCom? Not everything’s about you, Adam quips. Oh, Billy’s not ‘worried’. Good, Ashland doesn’t see a problem with healthy competition. Victor’s announcement that they’re changing the name is news to Ashland. Get used to that, Billy cracks before trading insults with Adam. Hearing that Cyaxares’ new name will be Newman Media, Billy leaves chuckling – Vikki will love that. Ashland grumbles mildly about the name change but admits it’s a good idea. Victor vows to ruin then takeover ChanceCom. This isn’t a game to us – it’s a war.

Chelsea doesn’t know if Connor’s still in boarding school or whether he’s being turned against her. Chloe promises to find out and get back to her. Thanks for being a good friend, Chelsea’s left to mope.

On the patio, Vikki understands why Nick’s grateful to Adam but hopes he hasn’t forgotten what he’s capable of. Nick hasn’t but is keeping an open mind. He’ll allow his big sister to call him naive. Adam has Dad’s support now; he’ll keep him on the right track. Yeah, right – Vikki’s sure those two will tear each other apart.

Lily’s set up a picnic in a condo that looks remarkably like the one Billy once shared with Phyllis. It’s a different unit, he points out. They get comfortable and kiss on a picnic blanket.

Nick thinks Adam might be able to redeem himself – he saved Faith twice. That could be a foundation. Sticking with the analogy, Vikki says that Nick sees cement where she sees quicksand. Adam broke Chelsea’s heart and mind, she reminds – hoping Nick won’t let his guard down.

Kyle’s in the boardroom and ready to tell Jack the whole story. Ashland knows about the affair and kicked Tara out. He tracked her down at TGP. Why did she turn to you? Jack asks – you can tell me anything. Things have escalated, Kyle admits – it’s time you know the truth.

My Thoughts: Uh no Summer – Kyle doesn’t ‘need’ to get to work. His Dad owns Jabot. In fact, he doesn’t ‘need’ to work at all. And, being a Newman, neither do you …. Things are going too smoothly for Billy and Lily; a sure sign it won’t last. If she feels weird about living in the building Billy lived in with Phyllis wait til she finds out it’s also where he slept with Summer (probably) Although, many people move into a home their current partner once shared with their ex. If she’s that worried about Billy being flooded with memories of Phyllis why are they at TGP 24/7? …. Ashland isn’t such a tough guy when it comes to Victor or Phyllis. He’s only capable of scaring women like Tara, Summer and Kyle … Hey Nick – Adam didn’t save Faith twice, he’s now saved her three times. In a storm in Kansas when a house fell down on him with Sharon and Faith. Kansas has very powerful storms or terrible house builders – maybe both …. Note to Tara – a black baseball-style cap and workout attire is not, I repeat not the same as a cloak of invisibility. If you HAD to go out for Harrison’s favorite snacks, why take the hotel’s only elevator; there must be another exit….. Go Leafs Go!!