Friday, May 21st, 2021

Why are you home from work so early? Phyllis asks. Summer didn’t sleep well last night so is going to take a nap (while Kyle asks Jack if Tara and Harrison can move into the Abbott house) Phyllis is sure Jack will want to know why Kyle’s taking such an interest in this boy; there’s no turning back.

In the boardroom, Kyle hums and haws briefly before giving his Dad news that stuns him – Harrison is my son.

At the penthouse, Amanda thanks Devon for a great sushi lunch. She’s meeting Victor; a preliminary interview for the Sutton case. Devon’s surprised – and sure Victor wasn’t involved in Richard’s death. We may have been wrong about that, Amanda has new info.

On the CL’s patio, Vikki invites Ashland to join her and offers her tour guide services. Instead, he’d like to know her opinion of Kyle Abbott.

Thanks to Summer’s assistant, Nick knows that Summer’s at TGP. Having held off for the night (as agreed) he’s now determined to get answers from her. If Phyllis insists on ‘running interference’ (and Summer’s not feeling well) Phyllis must be the one to provide him with those answers.

What new evidence supposedly incriminates Victor? Sutton’s legal team sent Amanda Richard’s day-planner, which documents two meetings with Victor, dated not long before Richard was killed. Sure, he worked at Newman, but a low-level accountant wouldn’t meet with the CEO, Amanda doesn’t have to prove Victor had Richard killed, just cause reasonable doubt that Sutton did. It looks like Richard was fired for what he uncovered. Devon warns Amanda not to make an enemy of Victor. Amanda can handle him.

Ashland hears that Kyle’s smart and hard-working. He WAS considering doing business with Jabot until he learned that Kyle had an affair with his wife. Vikki’s sorry; she went through something similar. You can’t go wrong if you put your son first. That’s exactly what Ashland intends to do.

Wanting full custody of his son, Ashland followed Tara to TGP to confront her, Phyllis tells Nick (who finally gets it; Kyle’s the Father)

Harrison is your son, my grandson, Jack’s also stunned to hear that Sally knew about this – and that Kyle planned to let Harrison grow up without ever knowing his Father (and the rest of the family) Kyle thought it best for Harrison (and selfishly, himself) When Ashland finds out, God help us, he concludes dramatically.

Victor welcomes Amanda to Vikki’s office and introduces her to his lawyer, Elizabeth. No, he doesn’t mind if Amanda records the meeting (which will be short because he doesn’t know Richard Neelon) Amanda has evidence to the contrary. Perhaps this will jog your memory, she slides a photo over. You recognize him, don’t you?

What’s that in your hair? Nate asks Elena. Confetti – the clinic staff threw a little party to celebrate being a year old. Nate thinks that nice – you deserve all the confetti. Elena made them promise to save him a cupcake.

Kyle explains his plan to prevent Ashland from taking custody of Harrison. Jack’s glad to finally be in the loop and that Summer is too (and supportive) Ashland’s next attack will be more intense but Jack pledges the support of the entire Abbott family. Much to Kyle’s relief his Dad is proud of him and insists Tara and Harrison immediately check out of TGP and move into his home.