Friday, May 21st, 2021

Kyle was honest with Summer. But no, Phyllis isn’t defending him – he’s not the enemy. Treating him as such will only alienate Summer. Nick needs to go up and talk to his daughter – alone.

Oh, we ARE having this talk, Nick’s in Summer’s suite to insist. Summer’s dismayed to hear that her Mom blabbed. Kyle made a mistake, like you, me and everyone else on this planet. Nick’s only concern is Summer. Well, she and Kyle are a package deal – she won’t run away from Kyle again.

In TGP lobby, Kyle updates Tara that Ashland’s checked into the GCAC (per a friend of his who works there) My Dad wants you to move into his house. Tara’s impressed that Kyle’s grown up a lot since NY. He vows to do whatever’s best for Harrison.

Elena’s going up to her apartment (quiet with Lola out of town) Nate offers to buy her lunch. Burgers? OK, let’s go, she leads the way.

He didn’t introduce himself as Richard he called himself Rick, Victor recalls a charming but desperate man. Yes, he had a serious problem on his hands – he was looking for a missing child. Amanda’s surprised.

Amanda questions why Richard Neelon would go to Victor for help. He read my biography so knew I’d been abandoned at an orphanage. He got a former girlfriend pregnant; she put the baby up for adoption. Victor connected him with a PI and gave Rick time off work. He wasn’t fired. Victor’s saddened to hear that he died. His child will never know their Father was looking for them.

You’re persistent, Phyllis accosts Ashland in TGP lobby. He has a message for Tara. Give her this envelope; a Judge’s order demanding she stops blocking access to HIS son. Your wife has checked out, Phyllis announces – you just missed her – sorry, she clip-clops off.

Yes, Tara’s nervous about being in the beautiful Abbott home. Kyle gives her a brief run down of the house – let Mrs Martinez know what Harrison’s favorite cookies are. Jack appears on cue with a fresh batch of oatmeal raisin cookies. He’s then delighted to meet Harrison – we’re very happy to have you here.

After a delicious lunch, Elena and Nate are back at CL’s. Both are happy she never gave up her dream to be a doctor. The world needs more like you, Nate praises.

Amanda’s back at Devon’s to relay her meeting with Victor. Richard was looking for his child. He must have found out that Naya was pregnant – unless Victor concocted this story. She didn’t know he was raised in an orphanage. He only talked about one baby – seems he didn’t know Naya had twins. Victor said my Father was desperate to find his child, she tears up.

Tara didn’t leave a forwarding address. No, Phyllis isn’t enjoying this – she wants nothing to do with the Lockes. Ashland just wants to handle things with Tara without outside interference. Phyllis doesn’t need parenting pointers from Ashland – hurt my daughter and no law, judge or court will protect you.

Clearly enchanted with Harrison, Jack misses kids in this house – make a lot of noise while you’re here. Laugh, sing, shout – all the little boy sounds – sound OK? Harrison nods. This house will have life in it again, he’s emotional. You’re the best, Kyle’s happy.

Luggage? Tara’s nanny is packing and will bring it later. Jack then takes her and Harrison upstairs to show them their rooms. That leaves Kyle to make a call – how soon can you send someone to come collect samples for a paternity test?

Elena’s going upstairs for a nap, or an hour on the treadmill. Nate’s going to the clinic for his cupcake. She seems disappointed when he leaves with a casual ‘have a good one’.

Nikki’s in the office to hear the same ‘tragic’ story Victor told Amanda (about Richard coming to him for help finding his child) Amanda seemed affected by what I told her but tried to hide it, he observed.

Amanda leaves a message for Naya (wanting to meet up) then tells Devon that the more she learns about her Father, the more she feels his loss. If he hadn’t been killed, she and Hilary could have grown up with their Father. She’ll make damn sure whoever robbed them of that pays for it.

Next week: Adam visits Chelsea – I’m not a fugitive anymore. That was the only reason you were able to get a restraining order. Let me be a Father again. No! Chelsea snarls … We’re really pulling this off aren’t we? Lily’s with Devon. He thinks Neil would have loved this tribute. Lily agrees – it’ll pull people into his world in a way they’d never expect …. Sally speaks to Ashland at Society – I have something to discuss with you – I believe you’ll be very glad we met once I tell you how we can help each other.

My Thoughts: Oatmeal raisin? I can guarantee those aren’t Harrison’s ‘favorite’ cookies…. Hey Vikki – Ashland doesn’t need a tour guide to show him around GC. He’s already a frequent loiterer at the most popular hangouts in town. And when was the last time you were at home, with the kids you claim to love?

GCAC Internal Memo: Housekeeping staff is instructed to please remove all sheets covering the furniture and dust the cobwebs off everything. Likewise, Kitchen staff are to check all food for expiry dates. We haven’t checked in a guest or had diners grace our restaurant since the unfortunate disappearance of our billionaire owner a few years ago.

It’s obvious that Jack’s right – he hasn’t heard kid noises in a very long time. The novelty will quickly wear off. But wait, he’s never home so it’s poor Mrs Martinez who’s expected to cater to the wants, needs and food allergies of a toddler (as adorable as he is)