Monday, May 24th, 2021

Victor joins Adam at Society just as he finishes a call with the lawyer trying to have the restraining order lifted (that’s preventing him from seeing Connor) No, his Dad can’t help. So, let’s get to work on our new media company.

Where am I? Awakened by a visiting Rey, Chelsea blathers on about the nice dream she was having. Mike arrives to say that her lawyer should be there any minute. It’s time to get Chelsea’s statement. Oh, I have to explain why I hurt you, she remembers.

No, CL’s doesn’t seem different to Faith, though a lot has happened since she was last there. Sharon chirps about Spring then goes to fetch brownies when Moses comes to do homework with Faith. Inside, Sharon gives Mariah news that makes her happy – Rey’s back home.

Naya and Imani have been summoned to TGP. We have a problem, Amanda announces that Sutton’s case has been complicated by new info that’s raised a lot of questions she needs answers to.

Amanda’s update that Richard was looking for her the last few weeks of his life stuns Naya (and Imani) How is that possible? He didn’t even know she was pregnant. Amanda won’t divulge her mystery source but Richard wasn’t fired from Newman – he took a leave of absence. Wouldn’t he have come to me? Naya also wonders why he was only looking for one baby. If Naya doesn’t answer her questions, Amanda will find them somewhere else. That sounds like a threat to Naya.

After serving brownies to the kids on the patio, Sharon recaps her reconciliation with Rey to Mariah (who’s relieved but seems to be suffering from indigestion)

Ready? With Rey, Mike and Chelsea’s lawyer in attendance, her statement is recorded. Left incapacitated by a stroke, she recovered while Adam and Sharon carried on an affair under her nose. All by herself, Chelsea poisoned Rey to frame Adam (and show Sharon what it was like to lose everything)

That’s everything, Chelsea concludes – I was betrayed and so were you (Rey) In the hallway, the DA tells Rey that he won’t challenge her lawyer’s claim of ‘diminished capacity’. Rey then goes back in to tell Chelsea something off the record that might help her – Adam and Sharon did NOT have an affair (but she knows what she saw!)

Back at TGP, Imani doesn’t think Amanda should throw the blackmail angle out the window. You have one job, Naya wags her finger; clear Sutton Ames. My Father wanted to know me, Amanda believes her Mother’s holding something back. My… our Mother brought you into our family – it’s time you trust her! Imani preaches and continues after Naya leaves; have some empathy instead of asking her sensitive questions. These questions might be the only thing that can keep our grandfather out of prison, Amanda fires back.

Victor’s decided to have Noah create a new logo for the media company. When he checks his phone, Adam surprises his Dad by having read details of a case he was mentioned in (the murder politician Sutton Ames is charged with)

Agreeing to reconvene later in the day, Adam’s sorry he’s distracted and again whines about still being barred from seeing his son. He’s going to do what’s necessary; what his Father would do. Uh oh – Victor’s left to look concerned.