Monday, May 24th, 2021

Sharon’s out to ask the kids if they want a refill – not help them with microbiology. Moses wins more ‘brownie'(heh) points by suggesting Faith do a visual extra credit project. Back inside, Sharon sends Rey a text; hope today’s going well – love you.

Rey can’t deny that Adam and Sharon have a connection but they did not have an affair. A frustrated Chelsea’s equally sure they did, until she isn’t. OMG, she cries – I’m a terrible person. Have I been wrong the whole time???

Victor moseys over to Society’s bar to ask Devon how the tribute to Neil’s coming along then ask if he’s close to Amanda. Yes, we’re dating but Devon’s not at liberty to discuss her case. Victor hopes she doesn’t make a big mistake. Send my regards.

Naya’s back to give (and get) an apology. She had no idea Richard knew she was pregnant and is broken-hearted. Agreeing with Imani, ‘it’s time to go’. Amanda would like one question answered – when you said you had no contact with Richard after breaking things off, were you being honest? Of COURSE she was.

Chelsea now realizes that she imagined the affair – I’m far from being healthy. Rey’s optimistic that she’ll get the help she needs. He doesn’t know or care whether Adam’s still in town. Put him behind you, like he and Sharon are. If it helps, he’s forgiven her. That means everything, Chelsea hopes Rey will visit again (and is left to smile/gloat)

By the time Amanda returns to Devon’s penthouse, he’s got wine and appetizers ready. What she could really use is a hug.

Rey’s at CL’s to tell Sharon that Chelsea did her statement. Sharon’s glad the case is in Mike’s hands so that they can move on. She wants me to visit. I hope you let her down easy – but Sharon’s surprised he’s gone from suspecting Chelsea to agreeing to visit her. Rey can study her closely to see if she’s faking. If not, he wasn’t raised to turn his back on people.

Chelsea’s doctor’s back with another visitor – Adam. He implies that seeing him will help with her case. Adam has some things to say. He forgives her and takes blame for putting her over the edge. Our son doesn’t have a parent right now. I’m no longer a fugitive – let me be a Father again. No! Chelsea snarls.

Amanda isn’t quite ready to talk about her meeting with Naya today but Devon’s ready to talk about his with Victor – he hopes you’re not going down the wrong path. Amanda now believes Naya’s lying. Devon’s sure Victor isn’t. Amanda has more questions – what if Richard went to Sutton about me and Hilary (not Newman)? And how does that tie into his death?

You said it yourself – you’re to blame, Chelsea reminds – you can’t see my son before I do. You’ll try to poison his mind against me! Hey, hey – what’s going on? the doctor races in to side with Adam – Connor needs a parent. Let Adam be a Father to him.

My Thoughts: The name Newman is still synonymous with nepotism I see. I guess Noah being a photographer qualifies him to design logos? It’s as hard to believe that he’s proficient in graphic design programs when he magically learned how to sing and play the guitar overnight years ago. I don’t recall ever seeing him on a computer even ….. Disclaimer; I’ve never been in a psychiatric hospital but I have a hard time believing they’d allow a patient to be startled awake by their victim looming over their bed; followed by an unsupervised visit from the person who supposedly pushed that patient over the edge. Never mind Adam’s history of making inpatients outpatients (Patty Williams) Can’t the GCPD jar-loose for a proper recording device instead of having Rey record it on a phone he could easily lose or drop in the tub or sumthin’? And if anyone’s really serious about catching Chelsea faking – why not record for posterity on video?… Why is Amanda bellowing ‘sensitive’ questions at her Mother across the lobby of a hotel? Is the media not covering this case at all? Like maybe the co-CEO’s of ‘powerhouse media company’ ChanceCome, who happen to live right upstairs?