Tuesday, May 25th, 2021

Nick’s at Jack’s to get right to it. He knows that Kyle fathered Tara Locke’s son. We’re having a DNA test done to confirm that, Jack’s well aware that Summer’s life will be affected. Ashland only knows about the affair. Tara comes in to introduce herself. I know who you are, he says coldly.

Walking into CL’s, Sally flashes back to Summer slapping her. How did the engagement party go? Kyle walks in from the patio to scowl.

Mariah pauses her jog through the park to take and send a selfie to Tessa. It’s the hormones – deal with it, she adds. Jogging off, she immediately trips. Oh God! she yelps as she goes down face first.

When Devon drops by the estate, Abby tells him that Mariah’s gone for a run. She’s forcing herself not to treat her surrogate like she’s made of gas and glad to have a chance to chat with Devon.

Abby can’t believe it’s been two years since Neil died. She’s sure the tribute Devon’s planning will be great. They then agree that being a father is more than DNA (ie. Abby/Brad, Devon/Neil, her baby/Chance)

Kyle and Summer blast Sally for disrupting their lives and Harrison’s. And for what? Kyle will never forgive her and neither will his Dad; he’ll make sure of it.

Tara tells Nick that she’s sorry for what this situation’s doing to Summer. No one can fault you for protecting your child, Jack eyeballs Nick (who grumbles about her staying there after she goes upstairs) Nick has to think about his own family; Summer and Kyle should postpone the wedding. Hoping Jack and Kyle will see things his way, Nick marches out.

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About to make a recording of Devon for her video journal, Abby wonders what’s taking Mariah so long. Tessa them walk sin – no one overreact, she instructs. What happened!? Abby asks when Mariah comes in with a brace on her wrist.

Tara thanks Jack for protecting her and her beloved son. She has no idea what ‘Ash’ might do next. Once you’re the enemy there’s no reasoning with him. He’ll find a way to take Harrison away from me! Ashland’s the boy’s Father in the eyes of the law, Jack points out. Tara’s grateful that Kyle’s willing to acknowledge his son. Ashland is a good Father – this is going to get ugly. I never wanted it to get to this. If not for Theo, this would never have come out. Griping about Sally, Jack’s not surprised to hear that Sally told Tara where to find Kyle the other night – that woman’s not to be trusted!

Kyle threatens to go to Lauren, hoping she’ll fire Sally (who advises against it – you know what I’m capable of) Summer adds – you don’t get it – you blew your second chance. You’re done here. Sally’s left alone to fume.

You fell? Why didn’t you call me? Abby insists she keep the brace on. Devon changes the subject to the video diary she’s making for Chance. Mariah shows off her baby bump.