Wednesday, May 26th, 2021

At the penthouse, jazz playing in the background, Devon and Lily pat themselves on the back – Neil would have loved this tribute; it’ll pull people into his world in a way they’d never expect.

Not thrilled when Sally joins him at Society, Ashland has no time for games – I don’t even know you. What if I can find out where Tara and your son are staying?

Summer’s back at the Abbott house with new perspective. She tells Kyle that she wants to put their wedding plans on hold.

At CL’s, Faith tells her Mom that Moses might stop by again later. Nick arrives to whine that parenting is like whack-a-mole; Faith’s doing well, now it’s Summer’s turn. Work thing? Life thing? Sharon asks. It’s a Kyle thing – always a Kyle thing, Nick sighs.

The things Kyle needs to deal with won’t affect their plans to get married. Unable to compartmentalize like Kyle can, Summer thinks they should hit pause. Kyle has the same feeling he had when waking up in Paris next to a goodbye note – are you having second thoughts about marrying me?

What does Sally want in return for her help? Ashland knows it’s not for free. She wants him to offer someone a career move they’d be a fool to decline. If Sally comes up with useful info on his son’s whereabouts, Ashland might be tempted to reciprocate.

Hello Ashland, Vikki greets him at Society shortly after Sally leaves. No, she’s not meeting someone – she’s grabbing some food to go. Join me instead, he invites.

Nick and Sharon chat at CL’s. He’s trying to be supportive but Summer and Kyle have a lot of baggage. He talked to Summer without flying off the handle and just wants her to have a drama-free life. Look at all we’ve been through, Sharon suggests using ‘us’ as an example – we’re doing alright. She thinks Nick the perfect person to guide Summer.

Summer promises Kyle that she’s not running away – but, her Dad made a good point – we don’t know how things are going to go. Kyle agrees there’s a lot of things up in the air. Jack’s glad to have found them together – Ashland warned me about Tara; says we don’t know what we’re dealing with. Getting a business call, Summer leaves Jack to warn Kyle that Tara’s behavior does raise a few questions. You don’t know her very well. Jack, for one, is curious about Ashland’s comments about Tara. We should go to the source.

Moses comes down to confirm for Devon that he’s finished his to-do list for Neil’s tribute. He’s going to meet Faith at CL’s and will be home for dinner. Lily’s left to chuckle and agree that Moses is a great kid. Lily now shares the news that she’s moved in with Billy (and nothing will change her mind)

Having sat Tara down, Jack takes the lead – does Ashland have any dirt on you he could use? He gave me an ominous warning about you. It’s a classic Ashland move – Tara has nothing to hide. When it comes to her son, she won’t take chances. I’ve done nothing to be ashamed of. Not even our affair? Kyle chimes in. Tara has no regrets because of Harrison.

Vikki asks Ashland what his greatest achievement is. Time spent with his son, Harrison. Vikki feels the same. As they bond over reading to their kids, Billy arrives at Society for take-out and an earful.