Thursday, May 27th, 2021

Victor looks out of the office window – flashing back to decades ago; telling Neil that he bought up Jabot’s debt to take Jack down. He trusts Neil with this info – you’ve proven to be loyal. On cue, Jack stops by to say ‘once again we find ourselves on common ground’.

We both lost a treasured friend; one we both entrusted to run our companies, Jack heard that Victor and Adam have joined forces. He hopes Victor does right by Adam (who’s always wanted his Father’s approval) Victor mentions Kyle – but didn’t mean to hit a nerve. Agreeing that Neil was the one person who’d stand by them both, Jack bids Victor a good day.

Lily’s quietly weeping in her office when Amanda drops by to see how she’s doing. You don’t have to put on a front. Lily didn’t expect today to be so hard. Her Dad was such an amazing man; always striving to be a better person. He always showed up. Both women want to be like Neil.

Taking his earbud out, Nate chats with Devon on the patio. He’s honored to take part in today and hearing Neil’s favorite music makes it feel like he’s part of this. Remember when Malcolm worked here? (CL’s) Flashback to Neil arguing with Malcolm. I thought you were dead – drowning myself in alcohol. Looks like you pulled through, Malcolm sneers. They spent so much time fighting instead of forgiving. Devon and Nate don’t want to make that same mistake.

Sharon greets Ashley (at CL’s to order the Neil special) Things didn’t work out for us but the moments we had were incredible. Ashley then flashes back to dancing with Neil, kissing him. She and Sharon then raise their coffee mugs to toast him.

Nikki looks up at the plaque of Neil at Society, then a famed photo of Neil atop the piano she sits to play along with the jazz song playing. Jack arrives to watch and remove his earbuds to listen. Devon’s launching a jazz label called Winters Mood, with proceeds going to expand the Abbot-Winters Foundation treatment centers, he informs. Neither can believe their dear friend is gone.

Devon stops by to thank Victor for allowing them to use Newman as a stop on Neil’s tour. He wasn’t expecting such an elaborate display in the lobby. Victor wants everyone to know what Neil accomplished. He was one of the few people Victor trusted. Nothing makes a man happier than to work with his son. Neil would be happy that Moses is here too.

Moses later visits Newman. So, this is where my Father worked? he’s impressed. Sit in that chair he worked in, Victor invites – see if you like it. How does it feel? Great – I can rule the world. If you ever decide to leave medicine you’re always welcome here, Victor says. Stick to your guns, Ashley appears to comment. Yes, that’s what Neil always did, Victor adds.

At Society, Lily gets a call from Billy (who’s at an important meeting) She just got back from the old family apartment. See you later, she ends the call to flash back to an old Father-daughter chat at CL’s that leaves her looking alone and depressed.

Devon joins Amanda at Society. Today’s been a rollercoaster but he feels much better now that he’s looking at her. Amanda thought Devon might want space. She can’t imagine the loss he’s feeling but will help in any way she can. Devon appreciates that – this special day is almost over. At least Neil went in peace, he concludes.

Nikki and Victor admire the framed photo in the park. Quite a few people came to the Newman lobby to show their respect. Neil passed much too soon; he was a good man – one of the few Victor trusted. Nikki places a rose in front of the large portrait.

Sharon places a rose at the park, followed by Jack, Nate, Phyllis and Nick. Then, Ashley. Amanda places her rose with the rest before leaving Devon briefly alone until Lily arrives. Their hug soon includes Moses. Neil’s three kids are the last to leave a rose in front of Neil’s portrait.

In loving memory of Kristoff St. John.

Next week: Mike visits Chelsea to update that the Judge has issued a ruling in her case. Am I going to prison? she asks nervously … Nate seems intrigued by Imani – why have I never met you before? She’s visiting from out of town but expects to be coming to GC often because she likes what she’s seen so far … Ashland’s at the Abbott house. Kyle informs that he and Harrison had DNA samples taken for a paternity test. These are the results.