Thursday, May 27th, 2021

The plaque at Society reads;
Music gives a soul to the universe
wings to the mind
flight to the imagination
life to everything.
In loving memory of Neil Winters.

Reading the plaque, a sad Devon flashes back to Neil and Dru welcoming him to the Winters family.

At ChanceCom, Moses tells Lily that he’s almost finished. She sits to admire his work; a creation everyone will soon see. On video chat, Devon reports that everything’s ready his end. Moses and Lily send out the digital invite; a collage of photos of Neil.

At Newman, Victor and Nikki look at the invitation on their phones.

Amanda reads aloud. The Hamilton Winters family asks everyone to honor Neil’s memory by walking in his shoes.

Ashley reads in TGP lobby. Upstairs, Nick does too – today’s theme is the music Neil loved – a list of his old stomping grounds; a playlist from Indigo (now gone) Next, drop by CL’s – Sharon (with Rey) puts out a sign – coffee on the house; 2 sugar, 2 cream.

As Jack reads at home, Nate unveils a framed photo of Neil at Chancellor Park.

Nikki admires what Neil’s kids have done – compiling a list of his favorite places, music, recipes etc. Yes, Victor knew about it – Neil left his indelible footprint right here at Newman.

This is a soundtrack to Neil’s life, Nick opines that he had great taste in music. He had great taste in friends, Phyllis smiles.

In TGP lobby, Ashley smiles as she listens on her earbuds.

Jack’s on the phone putting business on hold; today is for remembering a good friend.

In their suite, Nick’s really looking forward to Neil’s tribute – is Phyllis not feeling it? Having something to do first, Phyllis will meet Nick later.

Amanda’s listening on her earbuds when Nate arrives at Society; surprised she’s not with Devon – he’ll need more than a friend today. He’s lucky to have you looking out for him, Amanda smiles. Nate feels he should be doing that more often.

Back at ChanceCom, Lily reads comments posted online (Your Father was an inspiration… Neil Winters changed my life) Noticing that Moses is quiet, Lily hopes this isn’t too much. You’re our brother – we love you. Lily even has a few Dad-jokes to make him chuckle.

Phyllis drops by Jack’s to see how he’s doing, knowing that Neil helped him kick his addiction to pills. You were here too, Jack assures Phyllis that he won’t fall off the wagon today. He’ll live this day sober, in honor of his friend.

Devon and Sharon reminisce at CL’s. She’s wearing a piece of Dru’s jewelry (left to her by Neil) She likes to think they’re back together now.

On the patio, Nick tells Rey that he and Neil used to shoot hoops (and is left to smile at his memories) Tossing garbage into a trashcan, Nick looks upwards – I’ve still got it.