Friday, May 28th, 2021

When Phyllis drops by her suite, Summer unbottles her emotions. One minute I’m celebrating a future with Kyle, the next we’re waiting for confirmation that he’s a Father. Phyllis thinks it was wise to put the wedding on hold. Summer’s not so sure – wouldn’t all this be easier if we were already married? Why not do it today?

When Ashland comes bellowing at the door threatening to get the police involved, Jack lets him in. Marching over to Tara, Ashland growls ‘where is my son’?

At CL’s, Sharon tells Rey to go to Chelsea’s hearing if he wants to. No, he’ll let the lawyers handle it. Both hope, for Connor’s sake, that Chelsea doesn’t end up in prison. Rey gets a text from Mike – the ruling’s in.

Being held in a room at the station, Chelsea gets a visit from Mike – the Judge has ruled. Am I going to prison? she asks.

Nick finds Adam and Victor discussing Chelsea’s hearing at TGP. All feel terrible for her. Nick will let them get back to whatever they’re cooking up. No, both invite him to join them.

Why would you run to your former lover? Ashland wonders if Tara’s affair with Kyle isn’t over after all. How did you find us? Tara asks. Jack reminds that Harrison is what’s most important. And it IS his business since they’re standing in HIS home. Kyle joins the party to say that Tara and Harrison are staying – YOU have to go. Ashland doesn’t see what right Kyle has to weigh in on this personal matter.

At Society, Sally’s leaving Ashland a message as she looks at an Italian fashion house on her tablet. This looks like the perfect thing to lure Summer away – I’ll start laying breadcrumbs.

Of course Ashland’s upset – he needs to see his son (and Harrison needs to see me too)

The Judge ruled that Chelsea’s not guilty by reason of insanity. Mike explains that she’ll stay in this facility and be re-evaluated on an ongoing basis. This is a good outcome. Chelsea finds it hard to feel grateful; I’m in here, Adam’s the crazy one and he’s free. YOU have a chance to get better, Adam never will, Mike points out.

Victor tells Nick that he wants to hire Noah to create a logo for Newman Media (and more) Nick suspects he’ll turn the project down. Not just because he hates Adam, he doesn’t like doing business with the family. It sounds like an amazing opportunity, Nick admits – he’ll support whatever Noah decides. Victor then proposes the brothers work side by side on a joint venture; Newman Media and New Hope.

Even if Chelsea’s faking, Sharon believes she needs help. Both wanting to put this behind them, she and Rey agree to go to Miami; a second honeymoon.

Back at TGP, Victor’s idea is for Newman Media to sponsor New Hope; give them a new platform. Adam can’t argue against doing some good in the world. Yes, maybe Victor is trying to end this feud by having his boys work together. It would be his dream come true. Nick needs to talk to Devon first.

Tara might want to start fresh here in GC, Summer tells her Mom (who points out that Kyle took a long time coming clean to her) Be honest with yourself – what does your gut tell you? Summer admits there’s a connection between Kyle and Tara. I trust him, I love him – Summer won’t let this situation come between them.

Kyle and Jack will support Tara’s decision (on whether Locke’s allowed to see Harrison) Tara feels that Ashland has the right to see him – but he can’t mention the custody case or divorce. Ashland would never upset Harrison – he won’t even mention Mommy’s lies or dirty little affair. Take me to my son! Ashland commands (picking up his son’s toy dinosaur as he follows Tara out)