Wednesday, May 26th, 2021

Ding dong. Sally and Kyle look at one another through the Abbott’s front door. She looks smug. He looks glum.

Sally’s not here for Kyle, she’s here to see Jack (who hasn’t been answering his phone) Hearing that Lauren needs to see him, Jack will call her. Great – don’t let us keep you, Kyle tries to get rid of Sally. Instead, she sits to ask Jack for a private word. He shuts her down; we have nothing personal to discuss and we can talk business at the office. OK, see you all later, Sally leaves.

Summer’s happy to run into Faith on the CL’s patio – you look beautiful. Faith’s catching up on her studies and is busy with rehab and therapy. Summer’s proud of her little sister. We lucked out with Dad, Faith comments. Maybe he lucked out with us, Summer jokes (then goes back inside to update Nick that she’s postponed the wedding. It was the right thing to do) Are you trying to convince me or yourself? Nick asks.

Directing Vikki’s gaze over to Billy, Ashland bets he wants to talk to her (and he just might get his wish when Ashland’s summoned away) Billy wastes no time coming over to grill Vikki. He doesn’t want to see her caught up in Locke’s mess; which may affect the kids. Choose your next words carefully, Vikki warns.

Summer knows her Dad was right – everything will change when Kyle claims paternity. Harrison’s adorable and will have a huge impact on Kyle’s life. I want to spend the rest of my life with him – he needs to understand where I’m coming from. Communications is the key to working through this. Kyle and I will be fine. Nick just wants what’s best for his Supergirl.

Tara and Kyle are now alone to discuss Sally. My Father briefly dated her before seeing the woman she really is. Thankfully, she doesn’t know you’re here. Tara won’t take any risks that might bring Ashland to the Abbott’s home. Invited to come outside to spend time with Harrison, Kyle agrees.

Devon was never opposed to Lily’s relationship and can now see that she and Billy are in it for the long haul. I have a spare room here in case you need it, he jokes.

Vikki marches out as Jack arrives to join his brother at Society. Are the rumours true? Are the Locke’s divorcing? Billy doesn’t want Vikki caught in the middle of it. Gotta do what I gotta do, he grabs his takeout and leaves.

On his way to see Faith on the patio, Moses tells Nick and Sharon that Neil’s tribute tomorrow doesn’t have a time or location – it’s more an experience than a ceremony. Devon said he’ll be calling Sharon later. Faith pops in – do you like my parents more than me? After the kids head to the patio, Nick and Sharon agree that Neil would be happy their kids are friends.

Billy comes home to find that Lily’s busy ‘pulling the place together’. He’s sorry he’s late with the food. What of who got under your skin? she asks.

After a game of tag with Tara and his son, Kyle vows to support her no matter what Ashland has in store. Meanwhile, Sally meets Ashland in the park – she saw (and describes) Harrison’s favourite toy so knows where he and Tara are. But first, how will Ashland help with HER problem?

Unpacking takeout, Lily agrees with Billy that the Locke’s divorce is a story they should cover. She also agrees with Vikki – unless she and Ashland are in a relationship, it’s none of your business. No, Billy didn’t get a chance to tell Vikki they moved in together. Lily wonders how she’ll feel about it.

Nick’s impressed to hear that Moses got Faith to sign up for an extra science credit. He updates Sharon that Summer was open to what he had to say. She and Kyle have a long way to go – this is far from over.

Who do you want lured out of GC? Ashland asks Sally. Summer Newman; Kyle’s fiance. She has what I want, JVC – I need her gone. Ashland’s onboard – getting Summer out of town has the added bonus of hurting Kyle. Our goals are aligned. He’ll offer Summer a top spot at an illustrious fashion house with lots of status. I can make that happen with a phone call, he boasts. Now, where’s my son?

Back at the house, Tara thanks Summer (who knows she’s in a tough position too) One question – if and when you win custody, will you go back to NY? No, Tara wants a fresh start – maybe here so Harrison can be close to his Father. Excusing herself, Tara goes upstairs, leaving Summer looking ill.