Friday, May 28th, 2021

Rey and Sharon can’t really hop on a plane today – we have jobs and kids. Enter Faith, nervous about what the other kids will be saying about her when she goes back to school today. Rey and Sharon resume their chat – he has confidence in Faith, and she has a secret weapon by her side (both look at Moses, on the patio with Faith)

Adam gets a call, then updates Victor – Chelsea’s been spared a prison sentence but will be staying at the psychiatric hospital. Both think it for the best.

Jack calms Kyle down – there’s no need to tell Ashland about the paternity test. Kyle figures they’ll be in a much stronger position when the results come back.

At Society, Sally apologizes to Summer. But, was she supposed to lie to Tara and say she didn’t know where Kyle was? Every time you try to smooth things over you’re up to something, Summer knows – So, what is it this time?

Victor’s there to congratulate Chelsea (not throw away the key) You’re Connor’s Mother, he wants her to get the help she needs. My breakdown was all a ruse, she reminds. Victor disagrees – you’re ill but won’t even admit it to yourself.

Faith’s sorry she wasn’t able to participate in Neil’s tribute. Moses will take her on the tour when she’s fully recovered. But first, we gotta make it through this day at school.

Nick joins Phyllis in her suite. You won’t believe the talk I just had with Dad and Adam. But first, he’s updated on how Summer’s doing. Nick admires Kyle for doing the right thing but worries how it will affect Summer.

You might not have to worry about me much longer, Sally tells Summer about an opportunity in Milan as creative director at Moretti. Go for it – I’m rootin’ for ya, Summer replies. When Lauren arrives, Summer blabs about Moretti. After Summer excuses herself to take a call, Sally tells Lauren that she and Summer might become friends.

Kyle calls Summer – the test results are on their way to the house. He’d appreciate her coming over. He hurries off the phone when Tara comes back inside to report that Ashland’s on the phone; Harrison’s with the nanny. Then why do you look so upset? Kyle wonders.

Still at Society, Sally’s on video chat with ‘Grams’. Any idea how involved Eric Forrester is with Moretti? I may need a huge favor from him.

Rey and Sharon are on their phones checking out Miami hotels (so they don’t have to spend their honeymoon under Celeste’s roof) Mike comes over to ask if they’re both OK with Chelsea not going to prison. They are. He leaves the lovebirds to it and joins Lauren on the patio to share what’s bothering him – Victor visited Chelsea in the facility today. Things are nagging at him – Chelsea had her breakdown at the ranch – Victor called in the doctor; the doctor who’s still treating her. Is Victor pulling the strings here? he wonders.

Ashland was the perfect Dad – he apologized for being away for so long. It’s not what Ash said, it’s what Harrison said that upset Tara – he asked when we’d all be going home together. Get my son back! Ashland snarls into his phone before slamming back into the Abbott house. Kyle decides ‘we’re done here’. We’re far from finished, Ashland corrects.

Nick reports that his chat with Dad and Adam was remarkably unremarkable. He’s not saying Adam deserves a halo – but there was no sign of the usual snark. Dad wants to bring Noah back to work at Newman Media – and sponsor New Hope. He wants us all to work together. Phyllis smells trouble.

Victor tells Chelsea to listen to the doctor or he’ll stop paying him off. Get better and you can leave here. Maybe you plan to keep me in here forever, Chelsea worries. She’s not ‘paranoid’. Play the game the way I want, submit yourself to therapy, if not, Victor wants she might stay in here forever.

Tara asks Ashland to reconsider going after full custody – didn’t you hear how scared Harrison is? Don’t try to run again – there’s nowhere I won’t find you! Ashland then lashes out at Jack and Kyle – you two have made a big mistake. He and Harrison will soon be back in New York. Wrong again, Kyle returns from answering the door with an envelope (unopened) in his hand – and this is the reason. Harrison isn’t your son, he’s mine.