Monday, May 31st, 2021

When Devon drops by Amanda’s suite on his way to Lily and Billy’s new place, she’s happy for them but can’t go because Imani’s coming over to work on the case. Lily’s lucky to have such a caring brother, she adds.

Nikki runs into Billy at CL’s. Hearing that he’s moving out of TG, she comments that the kids will miss elevator rides and room service. Vikki hasn’t mentioned the move. That’s probably because she doesn’t know yet, Billy informs.

Harrison and I had DNA samples taken – these are the results, Kyle announces. Ashland isn’t buying this ‘ploy’. Summer arrives in time for Kyle to read the results (to himself, as all wait with bated breath)

Why didn’t Billy tell Vikki that he was moving? She was busy then went out of town. He doesn’t want to tell her on the phone. Yes, the extra coffee cup is for Lily (who Vikki likes and respects – she’s happy for us) Nikki agrees but is left looking slightly skeptical.

Here’s the results – follow up with the lab if you don’t think they’re legit, Kyle invites. Ashland reads – and rejecting Tara’s apology, leaves the Abbott mansion without further word.

What do we do now? Kyle asks. Tell Harrison what’s going on – explain in a way he’ll understand, Tara decides. Now, if Kyle’s ready. Now? Summer thinks they should discuss what involvement Kyle will have in Harrison’s life. Jack suggests he and Summer leave them to discuss it. Kyle follows Summer to apologize. Don’t let Tara push you into anything, Summer agrees that Harrison must come first.

How can we explain to Harrison what Kyle’s having a hard time understanding himself? We make it simple enough for him to grasp. What kind of role do you want me to have in his life? Tara doesn’t expect Kyle to step into the role of Father but she would like to stay in GC so he and his son can bond. Don’t feel pressured – but if you’re in his life you have to be all in – you can’t just walk away. Kyle wants to be a real Father to his son.

At Society, Ashland updates his lawyer by phone. Jack arrives to extend an olive branch. Let’s put our own feelings aside and do what’s best for Harrison. Don’t tear him away from his Mother – no child recovers from that (he knows from experience) Please don’t let that happen to Harrison.

You started without me, Billy comes home to find Lily unpacking. He hopes he doesn’t spend the next ten years looking for where she put the spatula. Though assigned the task of setting up the printer, Billy doesn’t get very far before chasing Lily upstairs.

Amanda tracked down the PI Richard was working with. If she confirms Richard was consumed with looking for his baby, it provides a completely different reason for him contacting Sutton. Not blackmail – he wanted help finding Sutton’s grandchild(ren) Wait – how do you know I haven’t run this by Sutton? Amanda’s puzzled. Because Imani already did – and he’s not onboard with this new strategy.

Sutton put me in charge of this case but is consulting with you behind my back, Amanda’s annoyed. Imani knows that Sutton wouldn’t expose Naya’s history to help his case. Amanda’s job is to come up with the strongest defense possible for her client. Stay with the plan, Imani insists – shift the blame of Richard’s death to someone at Newman.

Devon drops by the new place with take out and a housewarming gift; a framed Indigo brochure. How nice – Jack also gave them a memento in honor of Neil. Speaking of Jack, Devon saw him having an intense conversation with Ashland Locke at Society.

Tara tells Harrison that she and his Father aren’t happy living in the same house. He’s going to stay in New York, we’ll stay here. There’s all different types of families. We get a brand new person in our family – you have another Dad; Kyle. He’s excited to get to know you better. How does that sound? Two Dads? Harrison echoes.