Monday, May 31st, 2021

Kyle was surprised too – we like a lot of the same things, including mac and cheese. Let’s come up with a special name, Tara contemplates – not Father, you already have one of those; how about Daddy? Daddy, Harrison chirps. Yes, that works for Kyle.

Amanda’s sure her source at Newman is right. Also, there were no unusual deposits in Richard’s bank account and he had enough money to cover the PI. Amanda will know more when the PI gets back to her. No, she’s NOT going to tell the PI that she’s the child Richard was looking for. As promised, she’ll keep her connection to the family a secret while the case is ongoing. Imani suggests lunch – no talk of work or family. Amanda would love that.

Devon and Lily have a moment to speak in private. He’s happy for her. As for Amanda – things are ‘exceptional’ between us.

At Society, Amanda and Imani find common ground over their favorite vacations spots and authors. When Nate arrives, Amanda introduces her friend (then excuses herself to take a call) Nate and Imani are left to chat/flirt. Yes, Nate and Amanda dated – it didn’t work out. Imagine that, Imani turns it up a notch. Nice meeting you, Nate leaves Amanda to update that the PI can meet them right now. Nikki comes along and is also introduced to Imani, Amanda’s colleague. When Nikki mentions the Sutton case, Amanda hurries Imani out.

Billy’s troubled about Jack and Ashland Locke – it has to do with Tara, he’s sure. They have mansions on six continents – why would she come back to GC? Someone here is involved in their divorce. There’s more to this story, he’s sure.

Jack comes home to comment that things are quieter. than when he left. Harrison’s with the nanny – Tara needed time to decompress. It won’t become real to Harrison until Kyle’s part of his everyday life. She can’t rely on Ashland. Jack just spoke to him – and hopefully got through. Tara knows Ashland wants to punish her and will take what she loves the most, her son. We won’t let that happen, Jack vows.

Summer was just about to leave the suite when Kyle arrives. He knows this of overwhelming for her too. What are Tara’s expectations? Full commitment – I have to be all in. You told her you would be? Yes, Summer understands. It’s just really complicated. Harrison took it well. Kyle couldn’t get through this without Summer. You won’t have to, she reassures.

Billy’s managed to hook up the lights to a remote. He then gets an alert on his phone – guess which millionaire media mogul changed his divorce filing from no fault to fault – the grounds? adultery.

Harrison called me Daddy, Kyle surprises Summer. How did it feel? Amazing. Scary as hell. Summer’s encouraging – you’ll be a great Dad. I have total faith in you. Kyle again appreciates her support. He promises nothing will change between them – we will always be OK ~kiss~

Jack puts a baseball glove on Harrison – maybe we can play catch later. He’s happy to hear that Kyle’s his second Dad – that means I can be your grandpa. You’re very special in my life.

Nate’s brought a bag full of case studies for Moses (To Devon’s penthouse) He ran into Amanda and Imani earlier. What do you know about her? Imani’s a handful, is all Devon knows (then changes the subject to Neil’s tribute) The whole family will work to keep Neil’s memory alive for Moses.

Ms Toliver (the PI) only has a few minutes before she has to leave for the airport. She remembers working with Richard vividly. Why did Richard hire you? He was trying to locate a baby his ex girlfriend put up for adoption. No problems at Newman? No – it was all about his baby being abandoned and alone out there. It was eating him alive. The PI tried to contact the girlfriend but no one would talk to her. She had other ways of finding out what she was looking for. I’m good at my job. I found that baby and gave Richard the foster family’s address. Unfortunately, that was right before he died. Amanda’s visibly shaken.

Go Leafs Go!!