Tuesday, June 1st, 2021

Jack’s at TGP to update Phyllis that Kyle is confirmed as Harrison’s Father. Yes, Ashland knows. When Jack raves about his amazing grandson, Phyllis DOES have a problem. Her concern is Summer – and how Tara waltzing into town with ‘this kid’ affects HER.

Upstairs, Kyle and Summer are getting dressed after a romp. He asks how she feels about Harrison being his son. It’s a bit overwhelming but Summer’s sure they’ll get through this. Kyle can’t describe the connection he feels to Harrison; he felt it too (he thinks) Comfort and acceptance is already there. Summer feels Kyle might be getting ahead of himself.

Lily’s busy catching up on work at ChanceCom. Billy would like to set up a cool space for Johnny and Katie at the condo. Wait, Lily won’t hide out when they’re there – she loves seeing him in Dad mode. How about media mogul mode? Check your inbox. There’s something lily will enjoy, Adam and Victor, not so much.

Devon loves the new office. Adam appreciates him and Nick meeting them at their new office. A partnership between Newman Media and New Hope. You’ll like what we have to offer, son, Victor’s confident. Its beneficial to both parties.

Chloe loves Chelsea’s bedhead vibe – very chic. Focus on the positive, she encourages – you’re not in prison. We should celebrate (despite the cake and stripper being confiscated at the door) Not amused by Chloe’s jokes, Chelsea fumes – You won’t believe what Adam’s done this time!

At Society, Abby welcomes Nina back from her trip to LA. Making movies isn’t glamorous, Nina preferred shopping for things for the nursery. Mariah has a baby bump, Tessa’s so supportive, Abby updates – and Chance sent a text today. His messages keep Abby going. There’s a milestone moment she’s excited about. Nina’s puzzled.

Chloe’s not surprised that Adam was able to get the restraining order lifted – it was based on the lie that he poisoned Rey. Chelsea frets about Adam poisoning Connor’s mind against her. It’s getting harder to keep up this ruse to stay out of prison. I deserve to see Connor. I deserve to be free, she sniffles.

Adam makes his pitch – they want to help the community through New Hope; promoting it and giving them a platform. For free? Devon adds that they’re also looking for a sponsor to install wifi in a new building. Victor agrees so quickly Devon wonders what he wants in return. A bridge between me and Adam, Nick correctly guesses. Devon can’t help but be impressed by Adam’s sincerity.

Billy wanted to strike at Newman Media before they strike out at ChanceCom. Using unnamed sources? Lily’s concerned as she reads her email. Victor having Locke sign over his company while having a heart attack, risking his death speaks to the illegitimacy of their media company. Lily wants it run by ChanceCom’s legal department – top priority.

In the park, Chloe gushes over Miles in a pram before telling Kevin that her visit with Chelsea didn’t go well – I thought she was in better shape. Why would you think that? Kevin’s puzzled.

Jack admits that Harrison will turn Kyle and Summer’s life upside down but not like when Diane brought Kyle to town (when he was married to Phyllis) It won’t turn out like that; he won’t let it. Phyllis is more concerned about Ashland than Tara – it’ll be a bloody custody battle and if Ashland wins he won’t let Kyle anywhere near this child. If that happens your heart will be crushed. Jack can’t deny that.

Summer warns that everything’s moving so fast – it’s risky to form a bond with Harrison; she fears Kyle might be setting himself up for heartbreak. Kyle’s off to see his lawyer to see what steps need to be taken. He looks forward to introducing his son to Summer; he’ll adore you.

‘Thanks for reaching out to us’ but Nick’s not ready to commit. Any issues? Yeah, he doesn’t like the name Newman Media. Victor explains that it’s his legacy for Adam; and his legacy for Connor. Let us know how you want to proceed, Adam shows Devon and Nick the door. What do you think? Victor asks. It went well but Adam’s not counting on anything.