Tuesday, June 1st, 2021

Chelsea was declared legally insane, Kevin assumes she’s in a pretty bad place. She hasn’t completely lost it (Chloe doesn’t confide that Chelsea’s faking) Given our dark history, we should empathize with what she’s going through. Kevin’s concern is keeping his family safe – he worries Chelsea might divulge Chloe’s role in her crimes. Having some errands to run, he’ll see Chloe later.

Abby announces that Mariah has an ultrasound scheduled – we get to see the baby! But, she’ll wait for Chance to find out if it’s a boy or a girl. When Summer comes in for takeout, Abby insists she join her and Nina – is everything OK??

On the patio, Kyle ends a call as Mariah sits down to shrug off her sprained wrist and hear that Harrison is his son. He’s going to see the lawyer he just spoke to. You can talk to me, Mariah wants the truth, don’t hold anything back.

Summer claims to be worried about a friend whose boyfriend just found out he has a kid (she describes her situation in great detail) Nina thinks the woman might have an ulterior motive. Summer agrees. Abby has a different perspective – she doesn’t want to paint this woman as a villain. Her Mom lied to Brad and Victor but not out of cruelty. You’re right to be worried for your friend, Nina thinks Co-parenting could rekindle old feelings. It could get messy for your friend. Summer looks panicked.

Back on the patio, Kyle gushes about Harrison. Mariah’s sure he’ll step up but don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Hearing that Summer put the wedding on hold, Mariah has to wonder if ‘on hold’ is code for her having second thoughts. She ran away last time. No, Summer’s been so supportive, Kyle’s sure they can get through this.

Jack thinks Ashland loves Harrison enough to put him first. Phyllis disagrees – his hatred for Tara will come first – he threatened to ruin me and my hotel if I didn’t tell him where she was. Harrison is an Abbott – we look out for our own and never give up, Jack’s adamant.

Billy returns to inform Lily that legal signed off on the article. She’s having second thoughts on when to release it. Maybe we should release it now – Victor and Adam might be plotting something as we speak for all we know. Billy couldn’t agree more – consider it done.

At CL’s, Devon’s in favor of partnering with Newman Media. Nick has reservations; he could work with his Dad but isn’t so sure about Adam (who’s betrayed everyone he’s ever worked with) New Hope is about opportunity and second chances, Devon reminds of their mission statement.

In the park, Adam extends an olive branch to a surly Chloe. Knowing that she and Chelsea are talented, he’s offering Chloe an online fashion platform. Turn it into anything you want. Chloe rejects the idea – but when Adam points out that Chelsea can join her partner when she’s released, she’s left thinking the idea has merit.

Kevin walks into Chelsea’s room – I thought it was time I paid you visit.

No, Kevin’s not there as a member of the GCPD or as Chloe’s husband. But he is worried about the blowback on Chloe if Chelsea’s faking her breakdown. If that happens, I WILL hold you responsible. Wipe it from your mind that she had anything to do with your scheme. You really love her, Chelsea can see – sweet – but Adam claimed to love me too – and it was all a lie. Are you understanding any of this? Kevin storms out when Chelsea curls up in her bed and ignores him.

Victor and Adam have read ChanceCom’s article. Adam wants to ignore it – an immediate response will lend credibility to the garbage they wrote. Victor reluctantly agrees to hold off – but when we DO retaliate, Billy Boy won’t see it coming.

These pageviews are rising fast, Lily and Billy are happy – maybe Adam and Victor will post something in the comment section. Billy knows they’ll come up with something creative soon. Let them take their best shot – we’ve got this, Lily’s grin is returned.

Tara? Harrison? Kyle finds the Abbott house seemingly empty.

Summer’s in the suite – wanting to text Kyle but thinking better of it. Troubled, she looks at the ring on her finger.

Kyle calls Jack – have you seen Tara? No, why? She’s gone – so’s my son!