Wednesday, June 2nd

On the patio, Sharon’s in therapist mode as she offers to listen if Summer wants to talk. Summer’s afraid if she talks about what’s wrong, she might not stop crying.

Kyle’s relieved to find Tara at the park. She wouldn’t leave town and didn’t ask him to come because she’s already asked so much of him. You’re my priority right now, Kyle smiles.

At Society, Ashland and Victor discuss ChanceCom’s hit piece on the new media company. Victor will strike back in due time – Billy and Lily know what they’re up against.

Outside Adam’s office door, Nick eavesdrops as he tells Connor that Mom’s not there; she’s having some treatments but will be just fine and loves you too. When Nick enters, Adam doesn’t feel he’s giving Connor false hope – Chelsea WILL recover. Nick wonders if he thinks they can forget what they did to each other and reconcile.

Dropping by CL’s to order coffee, Lily gives Sharon her new address. Vikki appears fresh from the airport – did I hear right? Did you move by yourself or did you and Billy move in together?

It happened so fast, we planned to tell you, Lily’s polite announcement is met with a scowl. Vikki has to get to the office.

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Ashland’s divorce won’t be messy or expensive – he has an iron-clad prenup. Victor hopes he’ll do what’s best for his son. Ashland’s clear – he’s never been one to keep his personal feelings out of any decision he makes.

Tara gushes about the joy she feels watching Harrison run around outside. Kyle looks forward to teaching his son how to ride a bike – imagine that.

Adam doesn’t see any way he and Chelsea can find their way past this. Nick knows he’s doing all he can to help her get better. Adam credits Dad – Nick doubts his motives are pure. Adam’s annoyed – why is Nick fixated on Dad helping Chelsea. Nick finds it odd (and odd that Adam doesn’t question it) Neither want to argue – why is Nick there? He and Devon will accept Newman Media’s partnership offer.

Victor runs into Billy at TGP. No, Ashland isn’t second-guessing selling his media company to us – he found the article amusing. Billy knows Victor hates it and is planning revenge – we’ll be ready. Fasten your seatbelt Billy Boy, Victor leaves him to chuckle.

Tara updates Kyle that her lawyers think she should be more aggressive (based on Harrison’s paternity) They want me to go for sole custody.

Without getting much detail, Sharon can only repeat what she told Nick – love/marriage is messy but you can come back from insurmountable problems. The only two people in this relationship are you and Kyle. What if it’s not just the two of us? Summer’s response shocks Sharon.

Sole custody doesn’t mean Tara doesn’t want Kyle out of Harrison’s life. She worries Ashland will poison her son against her. Kyle thinks it would break the kid’s heart to lose her ‘Father’. Any parent would do the same, he thinks that includes Ashland. I’m all in and Summer understands that, Kyle adds.