Thursday, June 3rd, 2021

Back at CL’s, Sally denies she’s up to anything and won’t apologize to Summer for having career dreams. Summer accuses Sally of telling Ashland that Tara’s staying at Jack’s. You’ve caused nothing but trouble for him, Kyle and me. Sally hopes she gets this job so she no longer has to be Summer’s punching bag.

After Jack leads Harrison into the kitchen to see what Mrs Martinez is cooking, Tara returns to tell Kyle that Ashland wants to make a deal – shared custody on one condition; you never see your son or be any part of his life.

Still in the park, Nikki enjoys chocolate Victor had flown in from Italy. But wait, there’s more – a photo of a beautiful stallion; ‘Concerto’ is waiting in the stables. Oh, Victor, you’ve outdone yourself, Nikki flashes back to their many happy moments over the years.

This is outrageous, Jack sputters – Ashland’s acting like he’s going to get full custody – the Abbott’s can stand up to him! Tara needs to call her lawyer (and lists why Ashland has a good case; he’s been a loving Father to Harrison his whole life) She can’t lose her son (who she goes upstairs to be with) Prevented from following her by Jack, Kyle storms out.

In TGP lobby, Naya tells Devon that she’s worried about Amanda being overwhelmed by unsettling information that has come to light that might be overwhelming; she’s worried about her. Devon is too – he’s not sure she should have taken the case.

Amanda’s surprised when Imani returns to her suite to say she’s sorry for what she’s going through and has taken a room at TGP while they prepare for trial. I’d very much like to earn your trust.

There’s more to come, Victor and Nikki declare their love then decide it’s time to go home and plan their trip to Italy.

Sally’s on the CL’s patio having another video chat with Shirley – she’s so beaten down by the Abbott’s she doesn’t know what to do. You’re a Spectra – you’re as talented as they are. The only thing Summer has that you don’t is confidence. OK, Sally will start winning today. If she doesn’t manage to send Summer off to Italy, it’s time for Plan B.

Kyle’s at TGP to update Summer that Ashland’s willing to give Tara shared custody if she agrees to cut him out of Harrison’s life. Now that he’s met his son, there’s no way Kyle can do that.

Next Week: You’re a good Mother – any Judge will see that, Kyle says. Tara worries – Ash will bring out the big guns and might have the ammunition he needs … Billy talks to Vikki; I ran into your Father – he’s cooking something up but I have no intention of letting my guard down….. Do you have an issue with me? Rey asks (as he sits at CL’s with Nick as Sharon watches on) Yes, a big one. I don’t like what you’re doing with Chelsea, Adam barks.