Friday, June 4th, 2021

After Vikki and Ashland clink their wine glasses (at Society) he puts his phone away to flirt and joke. We could make small talk or really talk; about your divorce, Vikki cuts to the chase.

Kyle comes home to hear that Harrison’s still awake upstairs. Tara hasn’t heard anything more from Ash – his offer was cruel; she hopes Harrison doesn’t see how upset she is. But, she also seems to be hiding something else. What did your lawyer tell you? Kyle’s concerned.

Lily comes downstairs looking ‘spectacular’ even though she’s behind schedule (due to showering with Billy) Jack will be arriving soon – don’t pump him for information, she warns; and is then surprised to hear that Tara and her son moved into Jack’s house – don’t pump him for information, she repeats. But when Jack arrives, Billy wastes no time mentioning Locke before Lily quickly whisks him off for a tour of the condo.

Arriving at Society, Summer asks Abby what Vikki’s doing with Ashland Locke. He’s the reason Abby asked Summer to come by. Reminding her of the story she told about her friend, Abby thinks she knows who it is.

You’re the one who found out your boyfriend has a child, Abby’s put the pieces together. Yes, you have a young cousin named Harrison Locke, Summer confides that she’s having a really hard time with it.

When I’m cut, I bleed like everyone else – Ashland thought he and Tara were solid; he didn’t see divorce in the cards. Vikki gets it – she was ‘livid’ at her ex- but that only made things worse. Sometimes, civility is the best revenge.

Kyle’s frustrated – what happens if Ashland takes Harrison away from both of us? Tara’s lawyer told her that their prenup is iron-clad. She’ll get nothing. If she doesn’t give in to Ashland’s demands, we both know what will happen.

It’s a lovely home, Jack praises, then is puzzled when Billy brings up Ashland again. Let’s give the Locke’s some privacy; we’ve all been through a divorce. Lily agrees and quietly scolds Billy in the kitchen. Billy knows Jack’s hiding something and won’t quit until he knows what.

Back at Society, Ashland whines about Tara cheating on him and is easily coaxed into talking about how he met her (an antique auction she used to work at) He now despises all the antique furniture that reminds him of her betrayal. Affairs don’t happen in a vacuum, Vikki suggests Tara felt neglected.

Tara hasn’t decided what to do yet – but worries; she’s drowning in debt (seems her shoe business isn’t lucrative) Kyle offers to get her a job at JVC or Fenmore’s. As for custody, any Judge will see you’re a great Mother. Yes, but Ash will bring out the big guns and he may have the ammo to go with it.