Thursday, June 3rd, 2021

Amanda tells Devon that she has a new perspective – she grew up being a ward of the state. Richard told his PI what he knew about Naya. If he hadn’t died, he could have tracked Amanda to her to a foster home. It’s heartbreaking how close her Father got to finding her.

At CL’s, Jack gives Summer a pep talk – you and Kyle have grown. One day you will be an amazing Mother to his second child. That always seemed ‘so far down the road’ to a silently weeping Summer. Fatherhood seems to come so naturally to him, overnight. Jack can relate – he became a Grandfather overnight. Hearing that Tara’s sticking around, he’s happy if he can watch Harrison grow up and believes Summer will soon feel the same way too.

Ashland wants to speak to Tara alone. It IS my business when you show up at my family’s front door, Kyle backs down at Tara’s request. Yes, he’d be happy to watch Harrison while she and Ashland leave to have a private talk.

Victor’s surprised Nikki in the park for her birthday. She opens a gift box to find a copy of a book she already owns – open it. Two tickets to a concert in Florence; Leslie Brooks will perform one of her favourite compositions. But wait, there’s more.

Jack tells Summer that she’s had a special place in his heart since the day she was born. On his way out he runs into Sally. Have a good afternoon, he coldly replies to her warm greeting. She proceeds to tell Summer that she must enjoy seeing Jack blow her off – and don’t tell Lauren that I’m looking at another job. She’d do anything to work at a prestigious fashion house in Italy but doubts she’ll get it.

Amanda’s updating Devon. Imani spoke to Sutton – he wants to stick with the blackmail angle (to avoid Naya having to reveal a secret from her past on the stand) Devon’s sure she must see that she’s making her job more difficult than it needs to be – right?

At Society, neither Ashland nor Tara want to fight – both want what’s best for Harrison. Ashland would like an honest answer – are you in love with Kyle?

Back at the house, Kyle continues to be Dad of the Hour. Harrison suddenly looks up from his toy to ask if Mommy and Father are mad at each other?

No, Tara isn’t involved with Kyle. But, were you in love with him back when we lived in the Hamptons? Ashland then asks. Tara basically felt neglected soon after they got married; she was alone and isolated; empty. Kyle saw through her acting the role of perfect hostess during ‘party season’. He talked to her like she mattered. Ashland doesn’t appreciate being made to live a lie and love a child that’s not his.

Even if your Mom and Father are mad at each other they’ll always still love you. Kyle forces a smile.

Tara reminds Ashland that HE was the one to end their marriage. Not giving a rats ass, he’s making a one-time offer…..

Devon knows this case is personal for Amanda; she’s defending her grandfather against charges of murdering her father after all, and your Mother and sister are wrapped up in it too. Amanda insists she’s dealing with Sutton the way she would any client. Devon hopes she doesn’t feel the need to prove herself to her newfound family. On cue, Naya arrives with Imani – she has a personal matter to discuss.

No! You’re not interrupting anything, Amanda says rather forcefully. After Devon leaves them to it, Naya apologizes – she understands it’s Amanda’s job to ask the tough questions. She didn’t tell Richard that she was carrying his child – maybe Rose did. No, Richard only knew about one child. He told his PI that Naya was the Mother. Naya admits she didn’t want to reconnect with Richard. It’s sad that he came so close to finding his babies but the here and now needs to be Amanda’s focus. Looking coldly at Naya, Amanda agrees – history is distracting from what needs to be done.