Monday, June 7th, 2021

Nate introduces Elena to Imani (who suddenly has to get back to work) Ignoring Elena – she hopes to see Nate again sometime soon. He’s about to leave too but Elana asks him to stick around to give her some advice.

Tara’s on the phone at CL’s. She knows the prenup is airtight but can we get Ashland to continue paying the nanny at least? Mariah introduces herself as Kyle’s friend. Tara mildly rebukes Mariah for eavesdropping. The Abbott’s have warned me to be careful of who I talk to so she can’t take Mariah’s word that she’s trustworthy. Mariah has no reason to trust Tara either.

Devon’s sorry – this must be so painful for Amanda. It is – but she needs to focus on the case. She could build a strong case if she could reveal that Richard contacted Sutton about his baby – not to blackmail him. Imani says that Sutton still wants to point the finger at someone employed by Newman. Devon finds it odd that Sutton’s not talking to his lead attorney in person. There has to be more to it. He even wonders if Imani’s prone to breakdowns. Amanda has to let Sutton know that his pride might land him in prison.

When Mariah politely accuses Tara of taking advantage of the vulnerable Kyle, Tara understands that she’s a protective friend. She’s completely focused on taking care of her son and appreciates everyone being so welcoming. Summer? She has concerns – but the last thing Tara wants is to come between Kyle and Summer. She’s not my favorite person but she is Kyle’s. They’re meant to be. That sounds lovely, Tara needs to get back to the house – she doesn’t like leaving Harrison for long. Having heard some of the conversations, Jack asks Mariah what the heck that was about.

Back at CL’s, Jack asks Mariah what she was talking to Tara about. Mariah thought Tara needed to know that Kyle and Summer’s relationship is indestructible. Hurrying out, she’ll see him at the office.

When Devon briefly interrupts Elena and Nate on the patio, she notes how much better the cousins are
do getting along.

Summer spends a bit of time with Kyle and Harrison. She’s the coolest – the three of us are going to do tons of cool stuff together, he tells Harrison.

In her suite, Amanda updates Imani that the PI brought her all the boxes one of her foster Mothers saved. She now has proof that she planned to meet Richard shortly before he died. You’re supposed to be working on my Father’s defense, Imani balks. That’s what Amanda’s trying to do and if Sutton doesn’t like the way she’s going about it he needs to come tell her that himself.

Still on the patio, Elena tells Nate that she’s received an offer to work in Chicago. The idea of a fresh start in a new place is exciting. She’d be staying with her friend Carol. Nate doesn’t know what to think but it’s a good opportunity. Can you think of any reason I should turn it down? Elena’s fishing.

Amanda and Imani butt heads. It’s not Imani’s call – it’s Suttons. He’s protecting his daughter *Naya) – and YOU! Amanda doesn’t believe for one second that Sutton’s acting in her best interests. Set up a meeting with him. It’s time we get to the bottom of this, Amanda orders.

Kyle updates Tara – Summer met Harrison; it seemed to go well. His lawyer had him sign a paternity acknowledgment form. Also – the wedding’s back on. Tara’s happy to hear it (but when Kyle goes to the kitchen, she shakes her head looking disappointed)