Monday, June 7th, 2021

Billy runs into Vikki at CL’s. She’s swamped with work but wouldn’t have it any other way. On the other hand, Billy cool and calm. He knows Victor will retaliate against the latest expose so won’t let his guard down.

Adam wants to decimate ALL the competition. Victor wants to focus on taking Billy Boy Abbott down. What the hell happened? he wonders why Adam’s no longer onboard.

In her suite, Amanda introduces Denise (the PI) to Devon. She tracked down one of her former foster families. Richard died soon after Denise gave him the Lewis’s address. Denise would love to be able to tell that child that her Father was trying to find her.

On the CL’s patio, Nate invites Imani to join him – since his guest flaked out.

Phyllis and Nick are at the Abbott mansion when Summer arrives with baked goods (and Kyle) they’re all suspicious. The wedding’s back on! they announce. Not everybody looks thrilled.

Vikki’s relieved that Billy didn’t reveal his source (that she told him that Ashland signed Victor’s contract under duress) Crediting Lily with his new demeanor, Vikki’s ready for change too.

Billy Boy tried to destroy your life, Victor reminds. Adman doesn’t want to stoop to his level – we’ll look petty and vindictive. Adam wants to beat them by leaving them in the dust. Won’t that be satisfying?

Summer and Kyle are unified. She can’t wait to be his wife. Nick has nothing to add… You could say you’re happy for us, Summer prods. Phyllis digs into the box of cinnamon rolls.

Nick wants to make 2 things clear. 1. He just wants Summer to be happy. Phyllis interjects – take a step back – adjust before stepping into this commitment. Kyle agrees – but he and Summer are partners for life. We’ll get through this. When Jack pledges his support, Nick and Phyllis reluctantly follow suit.

Vikki excuses herse;f to take a call from Ashland. Yes, she’d love to do it again. Tonight? See you soon. Rejoining Billy, Vikki’s warned that she’s swimming in treacherous waters. Live your life, I’ll live mine.

Imani’s impressed when Nate lists all he’s doing. She recognized him from AskMDNow and is laughing over one of his stories when Elena watches them as she’s about to enter the patio.

In her suite, Amanda (with Devon) is going through boxes the PI accumulated during her investigation. Going through one of her Foster Mother’s calendars, she’s taken aback to find the name Richard Neelan.

At Society, Victor observes that Adam’s energized. You want to weaponize Newman Media to go acter Billy and ChanceCom, Adam’s well aware of his Father’s goal. But, you put me in charge for a reason – let me do it my way. OK, for now, Victor agrees.

Is it possible you met your Father but were too young to remember it? Devon asks. No, the appointment was set for after Richard’s death. The Lewis’s didn’t know why he didn’t show up. He could have taken me home with him – my life could have been dramatically different, Amanda’s sad. Devon comments on Richard’s determination – and how much he loved the baby he hadn’t met. My Father spent his last days on earth looking for me, she concludes.