Tuesday, June 8th, 2021

At TGP, Nick tells Phyllis that his meeting went well – working with Newman Media will be beneficial to New Hope. Phyllis has a bad feeling – you’ll be under your Father’s thumb again; Adam taints everything he touches.

Nikki drops by Newman Media. She knows Victor’s not there – Adam’s the one she came to see.

Rey follows Sharon around the coffee house babbling about their upcoming trip to Miami. Lounging on the beach sounds perfect to her, but there is one problem.

Tara’s glad she ran into Summer at the park – she wanted to touch base about her meeting Harrison. Yes, he’s a wonderful little boy. Tara’s also happy to hear that the wedding’s back ontrack. Don’t put off planning your future. Harrison is Kyle’s number one priority and Summer supports that. After Summer leaves, Sally watches Tara’s expression before accosting her. Give me five minutes – it’ll be worth it.

On the phone at Society, Ashland gets news he doesn’t want to hear. Vikki arrives hoping they can both take their minds off business over dinner together tonight. Since ‘duty calls’, she suggests ‘another time’. Or – you could come back to have dinner with me in Manhattan, he invites.

Faith’s nervous about leaving Faith. If Rey felt she was struggling, he’d agree to cancel their trip. She IS urging us to go to Miami, Sharon concedes. Listing all they’ve gone through, Rey thinks they need this time away – Nick will be there for Faith.

No, Nick hasn’t forgotten everything Adam’s done but is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully, he won’t revert to type. Phyllis respects Nick’s attitude but reserves the right to hate Adam.

Nikki assumes Victor’s bad mood is due to something Adam did. Nope – Dad and are I getting along better than ever before. Nikki worries her husband will end up heartbroken. Adam wants to earn her trust – perhaps she can give him a break, as Nick has. Start now – tell me what you said that upset Victor.

At the Abbott house, Summer and Kyle discuss their relief to having Nick’s blessing. She relays her run in with Tara (who seems supportive of their getting married) Invited to join in on playtime with Harrison, Summer’s down for that.

Back in the park, Sally noticed the look on Tara’s face after Summer left. You want Kyle, she’s sure. I have a way to get Summer out of both our lives.

Needing to get back to the office, Vikki’s not sure going to NY with Ashland’s a good idea (given his pending divorce) He appreciates her confidence and drive – and her advice; civility being the best revenge. I enjoy being with you – come to NY. Vikki agrees to check her calendar – how can I say no to that?

Still in the park, Tara thinks it takes a lot of chutzpah for Sally to suggest they conspire to collude against Summer. Sally’s working on a plan to get their common enemy away from you, me and most importantly, Kyle. All you have to do is make Summer want to take it. How do you propose I do that? Tara’s clearly interested.

At TGP’s bar, Nick won’t question Phyllis supporting his new attitude towards Adam. She hopes that means she can be naughtier than usual (and will take advantage of that when Nick comes back)

Nikki admits that Victor was more irked than upset – she’s concerned about his health. Before starting this company, he’d accepted retirement and Vikki running Newman. This was HIS idea, Adam reminds. What do you really want out of all this? Adam wants to be a man Connor can respect, the man Hope wanted him to be – the man his Father believes he can be. You’re saying all the right words, Nikki hopes he’s sincere. If not, she’ll show no mercy.

OK, Adam’s officially on notice – any other concerns? Yes – Chelsea. For Connor’s sake, Nikki wonders if Adam wants to reconcile with her. Adam takes responsibility for pushing her over the edge; he’ll take it one day at a time. Whatever the future holds, his goal is to protect his son. Good, you have a lot to make up for, Nikki leaves.