Wednesday, June 9th, 2021

Tara doesn’t know what to say. A simple thank you would suffice, Ashland is now allowed to see his son. After he and Tara go upstairs, Summer’s optimistic but Kyle doesn’t think Locke can be trusted.

How can Ashland be using me? Vikki scoffs. He’s on the rebound – the man’s known for his ruthlessness. And you’d never be involved with a man who’s ruthless, Vikki’s sarcastic – not everything has to be a
deep, co-dependent relationship like the one you have with Dad. Nikki will pretend she didn’t hear that. Yes, Vikki was tempted to go to NY. I might even be having impure thoughts.

Why are you here? Adam asks Rey. Chelsea asked me to visit. Adam then warns Chelsea that her friend Rey is after something. IS Rey helping you or is he helping himself? And what are you ‘protecting’ Chelsea from exactly? Rey wonders. After Adam leaves, Chelsea asks if he’s right about Rey’s motives.

Kyle can’t help thinking Locke’s going to pull something. Ashland comes down after a good visit with Harrison – nothing’s changed; he gave me this. It’s a Father/son thing – they give each other rocks they find, Tara explains. Ashland clarifies that he’s changed his mind on custody but not on the prenup. If I hadn’t cheated, we wouldn’t have a son, Tara points out. Without further word, Locke slams out.

Adam finally catches up with Chloe at the park. No, she didn’t hear him calling her name the last two blocks. He asks if she’s thought about his job offer. It’ll give Chelsea motivation to get better. When Chloe finally agrees, Adam will have the contracts drawn up – thank you for being Chelsea’s friend.

Rey’s a detective – it’s in his nature to be suspicious. You’re struggling more than you know. Adam wrecks everything he comes into contact with, Chelsea snarls. He didn’t wreck my marriage – Rey’s taking Sharon to Miami. He has one thing to ask – how were you able to poison me? He wants logistics and details. No one believes me! Go on vacation with Sharon! Enjoy your freedom while I rot!!

Sally joins Ashland at Society. We had a deal. She’s heard a lot about Ashland – but she’s never heard of him weaseling out of a deal.

Was my information useful in finding your wife and son? Sally asked for something simple – that Ashland could do with one phone call. Make good – call the right person so Summer will leave for Italy and her dream job.

Maybe the worst is over – enjoy the good news, Summer remains optimistic. She wonders what Tara’s answer would have been. Tara would have turned it down – she couldn’t keep Kyle away from his son. Can we trust this compromise or is it another Ashland Locke mind game? Kyle asks.

Rey rejoins Mike to relay that Chelsea came unglued. She was on truly shakey emotional ground when he mentioned Sharon’s name. And when he asked if she acted alone, she went off – it was like a performance. Rey thinks she was lying. Chelsea’s clearly not well. As long as she gets help, Rey feels justice has been served. He’s not sure he’d go as easy on Chloe.

Chloe visits. I almost blurted out everything, Chelsea informs. Rey came to interrogate me – he doubts I was able to pull it all off alone. Chloe worries. I said I did it on my own, Chelsea would never throw her best friend under the bus for something she tricked Chloe into doing. Chloe’s glad to hear it. She also had a run-in with Adam. Chelsea’s stunned to hear she accepted a job at Newman Media. Why am I in here!? It’s everyone else who’s crazy!

Chloe explains that when Chelsea’s released they’ll be working together again. She needs the money. We’ll be working for Adam! This is the worst decision you’ve ever made! Chelsea rants. This is his way of controlling me. I have to find my way out of here, she goes to look out the door/window.

Tara believes Ashland’s being sincere. Take her word for it, Summer implores of Kyle. He knows something’s still bothering Tara. You could always tell what I was thinking, Tara’s comment makes Summer nauseous. There has to be more to it than this. Like, what made him change his mind?

Sally persists – this would be beneficial to Locke too. Kyle would follow Summer to Italy. You’d be that boy’s only Dad in every way that counts. Ashland owns a big enough piece of Marchetti that they’d have to listen to him. If the CEO wants to hire Summer he’ll support that. What’s the CEO’s name? Sally asks. Eric Forrester – give him a call, Ashland leaves Sally sputtering but… but…

One more thing before she leaves, Nikki just wants Vikki to be happy. Good night. Seconds later Ashland calls – this is your last chance to be wined and dined in New York. My jet’s at the airport – I’ll save you a seat – please join me. What the hell – let’s go to New York, Vikki agrees.