Wednesday, June 9th, 2021

Nikki would like a hint as to what’s putting the ‘sly’ smile on Vikki’s face. Getting none, she solves the mystery herself. It sounded like Ashland invited you to come to New York.

At the Abbott home, Tara whines that Ashland’s giving her an impossible choice. Kyle already feels connected to Harrison; he’s a great kid because he’s had great parents. Continue to be a good parent – don’t force me out of my son’s life, he appeals to Locke.

At CL’s, Mike’s grumpy about Rey going to Miami on vacation. We have something to discuss before you leave – Chelsea Lawson.

Of course Chelsea’s excited – her son’s coming home (and he’s allowed to visit me here) Adam doesn’t think that a good idea. I knew it – you’re going to keep him away and poison his mind against me!! Chelsea’s convinced.

Kyle’s right – we’re both good parents, Tara’s told Harrison what’s going on – that you’ll always be ‘Father’ to him. He’s happy to have another person to love. And someone who’ll love him back, Kyle adds; a whole new family to embrace him. You (Ash) accepting this will help Harrison, Tara implores. Ashland’s had some time to think – he doesn’t want Harrison resenting him for keeping Kyle out of his life so is withdrawing his ultimatum. He has a new plan.

If Rey gets a second honeymoon, Mike reserves the right to have second thoughts (about Chelsea’s deal) She must have had help. Rey’s not so sure – she managed to hide her recovery from everyone; doctors and nurses. She didn’t commit this crime alone, Mike believes his sister-in-law, Chloe helped.

Chelsea rants about Adam kissing Sharon. Adam claims he’s protecting Connor by keeping him away while Chelsea’s ‘not at her best’. You could have reached out to Connor – texted him instead of texting Sharon to frame me, he points out. Chelsea’s tired of being treated like she’s crazy. The sanest thing I’ve ever done is …. Go ahead, Adam waits for her to slip (but Chelsea wisely clams up)

Coming here, getting help is the sanest thing Chelsea’s done – she knows how messed up she’s been. I WILL come back from this. Adam’s happy to hear it – but you’re proving my point. You shouldn’t see Connor until you’re healthy and strong. Chelsea hopes Adam’s being sincere. If not, that would be a mistake.

Rey’s visited Chelsea a few times. She hasn’t slipped up when he mentioned Chloe. He tells Mike that he’ll pay her another visit.

Nikki doesn’t understand how Vikki can be interested in Ashland Locke (after he dangled his company in front of her then sold it to Victor) Just business, Vikki quips – look at who you’ve been married to for the last several decades. No, it’s NOT completely different. Ashland’s in GC because he’s trying to be a good parent. Maybe Tara had a good reason for leaving him, Nikki worries he might be using Vikki.

Ashland’s lawyers will be sending Tara’s the details of his new custody request. It’ll be even-handed; shared custody. What about me? Kyle asks. If Tara wants to give up some of HER time with Harrison, Ashland won’t stand in his way. He assumes that’s an acceptable solution.