Thursday, June 10th, 2021

Sorry – no time for spellcheck. It’ll be a rough read.

In Chancellor Park, Kyle rants that Ashland’s up to something. Focus on what you can control – like our wedding, Summer suggests – in August. Is that too soon? No way, Kyle sees no reason to put their lives on hold.

At the house, Tara also worries that Ashland’s up to something. He’s offering her joint custody and a last-minute trip to NY to talk to his attorneys. Jack thinks she should hold off until she speaks to her lawyers. Tara decides to spend the day with her son – there’s not much she can do but hope for the best.

Billy finishes a call arranging delivery of the kids new bedroom sets; which will be in place for their first sleepover tonight. Assuming they stayed at the ranch last night because Vikki had a last-minute business trip to NY, Lily has some surprises in store for the kids.

Amanda’s gathered Sutton, Naya and Imani at Society to wonder why he’s so adamant against Naya taking the stand to recount giving her babies up for adoption. It’s not an option, he’s firm. It would take away your motive for killing Richard if he was contacting you for personal reasons, Amanda demands to know why Sutton’s so opposed to a defense that could keep him out of prison.

So, you’ve been probing my team members about my leadership of JVC? Summer accosts Sally at CL’s. No, she’s not insecure – she’s sure the feedback was good. True, everyone sings your praises but think you’re preoccupied – which Sally understands given Kyle’s ex showing up with his kid.

** As you may have detected already, I had no time for spellcheck or proofreading. This’ll be a rough read. Look at this ad anyway!

Jack waves off Kyle’s apology for not being focused on work – family takes precedent. Tara pauses to chat before taking Harrison butterfly hunting. All question Ashland’s 180 – but why would he lie?

Sutton refuses to let his family be dragged through the muck. Even to keep yourself out of prison? Amanda wonders why he hired her in the first place. He’s wondering the same thing and wants her to focus on the here and now, not the past. Oh, Sutton’s not implying anything, it’s a fact. Amanda’s offering the best defense possible – and if Sutton won’t take it, maybe he should just fire her.

Firing you might be the best idea you’ve presented, Sutton leaves Naya to apologize to Amanda (who thinks it might be for the best anyway)

Devon’s at ChanceCom to show Lily a photo of a keyboard he’s bought for Johnny and Katie – it’s all set up at her new place. Lily thanks him but is still nervous about how the sleepover will go. She laughs when Devon gives her another housewarming gift – earplugs.

Back at CL’s, Summer and Sally bicker. Summer hopes everything works out for Sally at Marchetti and when Lauren arrives, raises an eyebrow daring Sally to answer.

Jack’s as invested as Kyle; Harrison is his first grandchild after all. Sending Tara off to catch butterflies, Jack’s delighted to hear that Kyle and Summer are getting married asap – then alarmed to hear there’s something in Tara’s past that’s making her nervous.