Tuesday, June 15th, 2021

At CL’s, Billy needles Vikki about her trip to NY to the point that she wonders why it bothers him so much that she went with Ashland Locke.

Ashland’s at the Abbott home. Yes, Tara and Kyle have looked over his custody agreement (which seems to be legit) Tara can’t help but wonder if Vikki motivated his change of heart; she’s also surprised to hear he changed his will.

Running into Devon and Amanda at Society, Lily thanks her brother for the musical instruments for the kids. Updating that she’s no longer on Sutton’s case, Amanda supposes she doesn’t have to keep the secret anymore. What secret???

At TGP, Sally gets a call from Eric – he sees nothing wrong with doing Summer Newman a favour so will recommend her to Marchetti. Spotting Summer’s arrival, Sally hesitates before giving him the go-ahead.

Following Vikki to the patio, Billy warns that Ashland’s going through a messy divorce. That won’t affect the kids – you’re upset because I’m moving on and no longer pining for you. Billy’s not just worried about the kids – he doesn’t want Vikki to get hurt (by Locke)

Back at the house, Ashland would be within his rights to write Harrison out of his will. The Abbott’s take care of our own, Kyle growls (his support appreciated by Tara) Go ahead, make plans – if you’re lucky you’ll get more than six months to carry them out, Ashland’s ominous remark puzzles Tara.

Sally needs Eric to hold tight while she sets everything up. It IS above board, she promises. Let me know if anything else becomes available, she asks after Eric hangs up. I guess you heard my bad news, someone in LA badmouthed me out of the job, Sally whines. Oddly enough, your name came up, she surprises Summer.

Amanda fills Lily in that she’s Sutton’s granddaughter and the daughter of the murder victim. When a shocked Lily asks why she’s now off the case, Devon looks uncomfortable.

Summer would like nothing more than for Sally to live a happy life in Italy; you better not be trash talking me to Marchetti. No – they love what you’ve done at JVC; you’re the golden one, I’m the problem one (again) Sally sulks. Guess my hard work paid off, Summer and Sally are both left looking pleased.

Ashland confides that he saw his doctor while in NY – I have small cell carcinoma; six months to live at the most. Kyle’s not sure what to say; Tara’s concerned. How I handle this is my business – take care of Harrison (he’s in the will, Tara isn’t)

Vikki’s no stranger to being hurt. To erase all doubt, she makes it clear that she’s referring to Billy. Don’t worry about Ashland breaking my heart; I’ve survived worse. Billy’s left to look guilty.

Amanda believes her family’s keeping something from her. Yes, it’s frustrating; she’s determined to unravel this mystery (so may not be ready to return to the job Lily’s holding open for her) It’s not a definite no but Amanda needs time to think; her main focus is finding out what happened to her Dad.

When Nikki drops by her office, Vikki closes her laptop (searching small cell carcinoma) to update that she and Ashland shared some meals, drinks and conversation. He’s a very nice man. If you say so, Nikki has no idea how news got out but your Father’s aware. He’s curious but not opposed.

Tara doesn’t appreciate Ashland’s jokes about being bumped off before his six months is up – I loved you for many years! Ashland’s clearly bitter but just wanted to explain why he changed his mind. He must now ask something important of Tara and Kyle.