Monday, June 14th, 2021

The kids run excitedly around their Dad’s new place. How much screen time do we get? The same rules apply here as at Mom’s. Lily and I run a very tight ship. Does that mean you’re Daddy’s new wife? Johnny makes Billy and Lily’s smiles freeze.

Ashland would very much like to kiss Vikki – a dying man’s last wish. That’s funny, she laughs as proof. Nothing fazes you, does it? he asks. Not yet, she agrees.

At CL’s, Sharon’s on the phone telling Rey that she just has to wrap up a few things before they leave on their second honeymoon. As a song plays in the background ‘When I look into your eyes and see what could be’ Adam appears to gaze into Sharon’s eyes; cartoon hearts all but floating around her head.

Rey didn’t want to leave things the way he and Chelsea left them before going away on his trip. Chelsea’s sorry – it’s not like you need my permission to go away. Trying to be sane can be exhausting.

Amanda’s at Victor’s new office to pay him a visit she feels she owes. He wants her to be honest – Sutton’s not only your client he’s your grandfather. You asked me here to confirm your suspicion? Victor sure didn’t ask Amanda over to discuss the weather.

Victor relays Sutton’s slip of the tongue. He is my grandfather, Amanda was the child Richard was searching for (which was news to her) She knows Victor had a similar background to hers. Victor assumes she’ll no longer tell the jury that someone at Newman was blackmailing Sutton. Wrong – that angle is still a big part of her defense. In that case, Victor has bad news for her.

We aren’t married but we’re in love, Billy explains. We love Lily too, Katie earns an ‘awwww – I love you guys too’. She and Johnny are then sent scurrying upstairs for a surprise Devon sent over. A cacophony of drums and piano in the background, Billy updates that Vikki may have gone to NY with Ashland. Lily doesn’t see that as a reason why he’d call Vikki – is this really about the kids? Why is your first instinct to protect her? Billy feels obligated to protect the Mother of his kids.

There’s making every moment count and there’s impulsive – that wouldn’t be good for either of us right now, Vikki wants to proceed with caution. Ashland’s not upset – she said the word ‘proceed’- so there’s hope. Vikki would like to see where this goes. Not far given my diagnosis, Ashland quips. You don’t want to lose me, he concludes when she suggests he seek life-extending treatment.

Victor did an internal investigation – there’s nothing illegitimate about the payments to Sutton Ames. Consulting fees to his campaign reopened the case. Take my word for it, Victor will send Amanda the report. He’s impressed by how calm she is. A tightwire act, she confides. He hopes she gets to the bottom of what happened to her Dad. Thanks for coming by.

Sharon spoke to Noah. Of course it’s OK if he does some work for Adam and Victor. He’s talented, Adam knows Noah doesn’t like their relationship. The new company? It’s going well so far. One day at a time, right? Sharon’s been hearing that a lot lately, from Faith. Adam hopes Chelsea recovers, for Connor’s sake. I shouldn’t be opening up to you like this. Wishing Sharon a good trip and happiness with Rey, Adam watches him leave.

Chelsea bombards Rey with ‘crazy’ jokes. She knows Sharon’s not her enemy. He wonders why she got so agitated when he mentioned her yesterday. The doctor comes in to remind Chelsea that she has a session with Dr Kerigan. Rey will see her when he gets back. He then asks the reluctant Dr to stick around to answer some questions.

Naya’s at TGP with news for Amanda – your grandfather knows he needs you – but no, he’s still not onboard with making family business public. Amanda wonders if there’s a reason Sutton’s sticking to his guns. Perhaps he’s worried she’ll dig up more family secrets. You think he’s hiding something? Naya’s indignant. You tell me, Amanda challenges.

Yes, Victor’s reading the ideas Adam emailed him. The quickest way to success is eliminating the competition (Billy) but say anything to Locke. He’s otherwise occupied; his source at the airport told him that Vikki flew to NY with Locke.