Wednesday, June 16th, 2021

Running into Ashland at CL’s, Nikki first mentions Victor – but yes, it’s really her daughter she wants to talk about.

Victor drops by the office to ask Vikki how her trip to NY went. When she’s ‘coy’, he’s more direct – why did you go to NY with Ashland Locke?

At Devon’s penthouse, a tearful Abby frets about Chance – he called but she heard shouting before the line went dead. Devon has reassuring words and a bulky package from Chance that’s labeled – ‘give this to Abby when she needs it the most’.

Moses is with Nate (his role model) at Society. Elena’s invited to join them for crab cakes. She got an offer to work in Baltimore but is still debating. Both wonder why she wouldn’t take it (the answer is clearly Nate)

At TGP, Kyle reminds Phyllis that she can’t reveal Ashland’s condition. After they go for girl-time, Billy comes along to warn Kyle that ChanceCom’s about to run a story.

Tara’s not sure why she came to meet Sally at the park – what do you want? We need to work together to get rid of Summer.

Chance sent this package to Devon a few weeks ago – along with a sappy note that he reads to Abby. It’s Chance’s favourite sweatshirt for her to wear (and feel his arms wrapped around her)

Yes, Nikki’s very proud of Vikki. It’s a testament to you and Victor, Ashland schmoozes. Nikki wants to make her position clear where her daughter’s involved.

Vikki suggests Victor run a salacious headline on his new media company. He wouldn’t divulge family information and respects Ashland (who he respects too much to have let die – no big deal)

Moses thinks Elena should take the job. Nate clears his throat – must be the pasta. I can’t breathe, he starts gasping for air.

Get an EpiPen, Elena finally remembers she’s a doctor. Moses goes to get one from the hostess as Nate lays down on Society’s sofa.

Summer made a move to lock down her future – lucky for Tara, Sally’s taking care of business (arranging a job in Italy) Tara can’t make Kyle fall in love with her overnight – he doesn’t look at me like that. Not yet – and that’s why WE need to get rid of Summer.

Upstairs in her suite, Summer makes wedding plans with her Mom (who worries she’s rushing things because of insecurity over Tara)

Billy hopes Kyle understands that ChanceCom must publish the Locke’s divorce. We don’t want to hurt anyone. Think about this as a Father, Kyle implores – we’re family; please reconsider.