Thursday, June 17th, 2021

At the park, Jack and moreso Kyle watch nervously from afar as Harrison mixes it up in the sandbox. Basically, both are deliriously happy in their new roles as grandfather and Father.

Back at the house, Summer wonders what kind of proposition Tara’s proposing. She heard that Angelina Marchetti is on the verge of offering Summer an opportunity that will catapult her to the top of the fashion world; creative director of her fashion house in Italy. A generous offer has been arranged – and you will accept it.

Now at the estate, Abby smells and cuddles Chance’s sweatshirt. You two need to get a room, Mariah’s quip also makes Nina chuckle.

At TGP, Victor notes the curious optics of his friendship with Vikki while he’s going through a divorce. Flying off with another woman … Nikki’s cut off by Vikki saying ‘not another word’.

Chance let me wear this sweater of his on our second date, Abby explains that he sent it to Devon (and why) Mariah talks to her bump – your Dad’s a rockstar. He just did something very romantic for Mommy. Now alone with Abby, Nina’s decided that she too wants information on Chance’s assignment. Abby knows who they can call.

I’m not a teenager, Vikki doesn’t care what other people say – and isn’t sure why her parents do. Ashland understands why they’d be worried. He doesn’t want to fight with anyone. He’s choosing to be civil (acting on Vikki’s good advice) Still, it’s not the best time to get involved with someone new, Nikki persists. When politely threatening to call the evening/interrogation to an end, Vikki gives her Father a grateful smile when he agrees.

The food, the history, the men are lovely in Italy, Tara lists. Summer already has a man – she and Kyle have great jobs and family in GC. YOU should go to Italy – on your own, Tara clarifies. Summer wouldn’t choose any job over Kyle. Parroting Sally’s words, Tara tells Summer that she should go to Italy because of her love for Kyle.

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Nikki would like to know more about the man her husband sold his business to. The foursome bond over their love of Florence, Italy and pianist Leslie Brooks (who Victor and Nikki are going to see perform soon) Ashland regrets not continuing piano lessons. Nikki loves to play – you should take it up again, it’s never too late. Vikki looks incredibly sad.

Still at the park, Kyle regrets what he missed with Harrison but plans to make up for lost time. Optimistic that Ashland and Kyle can put Harrison’s best interests first, Jack has some advice based on his experience with Phyllis and Diane – do everything you can to foster a cordial relationship between Tara and Summer.

Kyle’s deeply invested in Harrison – can’t you feel his priorities shifting? He has dreams of watching his son grow up. If something came between him and his little boy, wouldn’t that be awful? Summer’s stunned when Tara bluntly threatens; if you don’t take this job in Italy, I’ll make sure Kyle never sees Harrison again.

Summer sees the real Tara Locke for the first time. Your son isn’t your number one priority. It is – Harrison needs the stability of two parents, united. That makes sense to Summer – since Ashland only has six months left to live. That’s right – Kyle and I don’t keep secrets from each other. No, it’s not that Summer doesn’t want to accept the painful truth of what Tara had with Kyle – YOU don’t want to accept that he used you after we broke up. If you really cared about your son why would you threaten to take away the only Father he’ll have? Summer plans to tell Kyle the moment she sees him. What do you think he’ll do? Tara taunts – take Harrison away from me? I’ll disappear with Kyle’s son; he’ll never forgive you. Summer agrees that Kyle has fallen in love with Harrison but so does has Jack – the Abbott’s won’t let you get away with it. Tara learned how to be ruthless from the best. Yeah, well, you really misread the situation and I guess you’re seeing the real ME for the first time too! Summer storms out.