Friday, June 18th, 2021

In Ashland’s suite, Vikki continues her pitch to merge Locke Communications with Newman. Billy published details of his divorce – what if Ashland’s cancer diagnosis got out too? He worries people might think Vikki exploited his health just like her Father did. Is that what YOU think? she asks.

All at once, the shadow vanishes, Nina comes through the front door and Abby wakes up to ask if someone was there. I must have been dreaming.

Harrison up with the nanny, Tara and Kyle discuss how to support their son through his grief. Kyle’s ordered some books. Tara thinks the most important thing is Harrison having a reliable loving Dad.

Claiming to have no idea what Summer’s talking about, Sally pretends to be furious that a job she wanted fell into Summer’s lap – again. Perfect! she turns around to grin and sip her drink.

Nina assures Abby that Chris will do what she can – she knows how anxious we are for news on Chance.

Back at TGP, Summer wonders why Sally would discuss HER private life with Tara Locke. That was a mistake, Sally groans – because she’s happy for you – everyone’s rooting for you. Summer didn’t apply for this job and hasn’t decided what she’ll do. Of course, you’ll take the job, you’d be crazy not to, Sally claims.

Vikki wants to help ensure the company Ashland created thrives after he’s gone – you can trust me to see your goals through. I can take that burden off your shoulders so you can focus on more important things. Ashland admires her negotiating skills – if my answer was ‘no’ would this be the last time I saw you? Vikki hopes he already knows the answer to that.

Vikki reminds that she was spending time with Ashland before he learned he was sick. Yes, she’ll miss him when he’s gone. Think about the merger proposal. Yes, she’s thought about every angle and will now leave him to ruminate. You don’t want to stay to persuade me of your brilliance? No, I’ll check back in with you tomorrow, Vikki leaves him wanting more.

Back at the Abbott house, Kyle encourages Tara to work with Lauren. He understands that she wants to be self-sufficient but don’t be in a hurry to move out – Jack loves having you here. He wants to host a gathering to introduce Harrison to the Abbott’s. Tara’s happy that their son will have lots of family.

Running into Vikki in TGP lobby, Billy jokes that she must be coming from Ashland’s suite. Oh? He lives here? Vikki quips. And why are YOU here?? Billy had a meeting in the area – drink? Vikki has to get home to the kids. One drink, he insists – your usual? Fine – you win. Drinks ordered, they chat about the kids. Have they met Harrison yet? she asks. Vikki’s friendliness evaporates as Billy drops all pretenses to blather on about the Locke Ness monster.

Summer’s at the house to tell Kyle the real reason she was upset. Harrison wants to see you, Tara interrupts. This won’t take long, Kyle goes upstairs. That leaves Summer and Tara to spar about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (job) Kyle has plenty of room in his heart for both Harrison and me, Summer will indeed tell him. At least wait till the morning – give Kyle one more night with his son, Tara’s implication is clear.