Monday, June 21, 2021

Jack comes home to hear that Harrison’s upstairs but still awake. Tara appears to wonder where Summer went. She’s dealing with something at work, Kyle goes up to read a bedtime story to his son. That leaves Tara to accept Jack’s offer of a much-needed nightcap. Anything I can help with? Jack pours.

In Summer’s suite, Phyllis is shocked to hear that she may have to let Kyle go. Why? So he can live the life he deserves, Summer sniffles.

I’m glad you could make it, Nate greets a nervous Elena at Society.

Chelsea dreams that Victor’s visiting her – he hopes she’s comfortable here – because you’re never getting out.

Adam’s ordering coffee when Nick appears at CL’s to correctly guess that Adam doesn’t like going home to an empty house.

What is all this? The least Nate can do after Elena saved his life. He didn’t get a chance to tell her why he doesn’t want her to take that job in Baltimore – but first things first, he leaves the table.

Tara won’t be able to exhale until the custody papers are signed and filed. When Jack mentions going through something similar himself, Tara asks him to share – it would be invaluable to her.

Swearing her Mom to secrecy, Summer tells her about the job offering from Marchetti. Phyllis is so proud – what has Kyle said? You have to tell your fiance – he loves you – he’ll make it work. Summer doesn’t want to make Kyle have to choose between her and Harrison. She must protect him. From what!?

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You really blew it, Victor taunts – Sharon’s happy, Adam’s free. Connor deserves his Mother! You’re a lousy Mother. Get out! Chelsea shouts. Adam now appears – I love you and want you to come home. Really? No, he laughs – not at all.

At CL’s, Adam and Nick chat – both are working late. Faith’s staying with her Dad while Sharon’s in Miami. Adam’s happy for him. He’ll be going home to an empty place; just me and my demons. Nick decides to stick around.

Kyle settles in to read one of his favourite books to Harrison.

That’s one crazy story, Tara hopes her divorce goes more smoothly than that. Phyllis crossed the line more than once but Diane was a threat; she wasn’t above using her son to get what she wanted. Diane made a lot of enemies and didn’t believe that love always comes first. Always, Tara agrees.

Summer just wants to do what’s best for Kyle. Phyllis’s advice is to turn down the job – you love Kyle and have a great job here. This is a once-in-a-lifetime offer, Summer adds. Love of a lifetime doesn’t come along every day either, Phyllis is frustrated – what’s really happening??

To the lady who saved my life, Nate toasts. Elena appreciates his gratitude but has to start making plans for her career and personal life. Nate wants Elena here, with him.