Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021

Impatiently drumming her fingernails on the bar, Phyllis leaves a ‘call me’ message for Summer.

Upstairs, Summer flashes back to Tara predicting with certainty that she’ll accept the job offer (or Kyle will never see Harrison again) Angelina Marchetti calls to wonder why Summer’s hesitating. His shower finished, Kyle comes out in a towel to ask who’s on the phone.

Jack’s not surprised or too annoyed to find Ashland in his livingroom. Their brief conversation is civil – both agree that Harrison is a delight. On cue, the lad runs in; ‘Father’! Hey buddy, Ashland gives him a hug.

Nick and Adam are talking about promoting a rec center when Billy strolls in with an office warming gift. No, not champagne, it’s a bottle of $6.95 bubble bath. Nick’s silent as Billy comments on the new ‘villain lair’.

Billy knows that Victor plans to use his shiny new toy to bury ChanceCom. That’s not Adam’s plan – and Nick thinks Billy should take his word for it. Not willing to take Adam’s word for anything, Billy says ‘enjoy your bubble bath ladies’ and leaves.

Back at the house, Tara and Jack watch Ashland with Harrison. You raised him well, Jack compliments. Ashland appreciates that. Sending Jack and Harrison off to find a toy, Tara expresses concern for Ashland. He’s used to being in control. I hadn’t noticed, she jokes.

Summer appreciates Angeline’s patience – we’ll talk later. Ciao! Angeline hangs up. Early work calls are so annoying, Summer shrugs off her stress and Kyle’s concern. Is this about Harrison? he asks. Yes.

Summer feels guilty about taking Kyle away from Harrison last night. The bond you two share is amazing. Kyle loves Harrison, but he also loves Summer. Suddenly in a hurry to leave for work, Summer will meet Kyle for lunch at Society.

Ashland’s talking about taking Harrison to a baseball game when Vikki arrives at CL’s – can I come? Introduced as a smart business woman, Vikki tells Harrison that her son loves his Uncle Jack – they hunt frogs at his place. He likes you, Ashland tells Vikki (as Billy eavesdrops from the patio)

Summer tries but fails to sneak out of TGP – Phyllis saw her coming down on the surveillance camera. I hope you talked to Kyle.

Thanking Jack, Tara’s sure Ashland will bring Harrison back. Arriving to see his son, Kyle guesses he’ll come back later – after his lunch with Summer. After Tara heads out to TGP spa, Jack tells Kyle to support Tara as much as he can – but not to the point that it makes Summer uncomfortable.

Assured that Ashland wasn’t offended by her offer, Vikki feels that their merger will solidify his legacy. Ashland knows that once word of his illness gets out, the sharks will circle (including Tara) Vikki stresses the need to act quickly; she has a plan. Spotting Billy spying from the patio, Vikki tells Ashland to go have fun with his son. They agree to discuss the details over dinner.

Phyllis concludes that Summer has either decided not to go to Italy, or has decided to go but not told Kyle. Give me something, she demands. Summer thinks the ‘once n a lifetime love’ could be Kyle and Harrison; she doesn’t want to be the evil stepmom. As Tara watches in the background, Phyllis knows there’s more to it. She doesn’t think Summer’s on the fence – you’ve made up your mind.