Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Running into Jack at CL’s, Sally gives such positive feedback on Jabot’s new waterproof mascara that he wonders why she’s in such a remarkably good mood.

In TGP lounge, Tara calls Lauren about marketing her shoe line. Making GC her new home is a brilliant decision – everything my son and I need is right here. Watching Tara leave, Phyllis frowns.

At Society, Summer tells Kyle that Angelina Marchetti called last night to offer her the job of creative director. Wow, that’s flattering, Kyle’s proud that Summer’s making a name for herself – until he hears that she accepted – your whole life is here! Summer needs to get away from GC.

Never mind that Summer swore Phyllis to secrecy, if she’s moving thousands of miles away, Nick wants to know why.

On the CL’s patio, Amanda’s PI shares some interesting information from old phone records. Shortly before he died, Richard didn’t call anyone at Newman, but he called Sutton’s office three times and made a five-minute call to Naya. Devon and Amanda now know that Naya lied when saying she had no contact with Richard.

Naya lied about speaking to my Father days before he died, so yes, Amanda wants Denise to keep investigating.

Why so happy? Jack asks again. Sally loves her job and this city. Even though things didn’t work out, she still considers Jack one of the most fascinating men she’s ever known. He’s left grudgingly affected by her praise.

Kyle’s sure he and Summer can face anything. Yes, but it’s not just us; now it’s a crowd; Tara, Ashland, Harrison – Summer has the same bad feeling that lead her to cancel their last wedding. Tara will be a permanent fixture in your life and you clearly still have feelings for her.

Tara likes you, Kyle insists – and you said you were with me 100%. Summer’s seen the bond between Kyle and Tara. You’re the only one I love, Kyle was telling Tara that it’s best for her to relocate to GC ONLY for Harrison’s sake. Summer would never come between Kyle and his child – I’m giving you what you want. No – if Summer wants this job in Italy, Kyle will go too. You’ll resent me for missing the milestones in Harrison’s life, Summer’s taking this job so he can focus on raising his son. I don’t want you to miss another minute of Harrison’s life. I’m sorry, I’m doing what’s best for everyone, she runs out in tears.

In parting, Denise hopes Amanda finds answers that give her peace. Now alone with Devon, Amanda still can’t believe Naya lied to her. Devon can. That five-minute call to your Dad was a week before he was to meet with your foster parents. Amanda wonders if Naya stonewalled Richard, or told him about his daughters. There’s only one way to find out.

Now in her suite, a photo of her Father in her hand, Amanda realizes that her family never really wanted anything to do with her. You have friends, you have me, Devon’s supportive – you don’t need them. Amanda tears up; she knows she’d have loved her Father. What would you say to him if he was here? Devon asks. Thank you for looking for me – knowing someone wanted me… it means so much. My family lied to me from the beginning, Amanda feels she let her Father down. No, your family let YOU down, Devon’s proud of how strong Amanda is. But am I strong enough to walk away from what’s left of my family? she wonders.

At TGP, Phyllis tells Summer that she told her Father everything. Summer told Kyle everything; I can’t stay to watch him raise his son. Nick appears to pose a question; if this is the right decision, why weren’t you open about it?