Thursday, June 24th, 2021

Amanda storms into Devon’s ranting; My Mother’s a real piece of work – she finally confessed to telling my Father everything on that call. Richard even knew he fathered twins when he was on his way to my foster home. Amanda’s not just heartbroken, she’s furious. Naya knew I had a father who loved me and didn’t say a damn word!

On the CL’s patio, Abby shows Nina a photo Mariah just sent (wearing a ‘baby on board’ T-shirt) Maybe it’s a good thing that it wasn’t Chance who text her – he’s focused on the job. After Nina leaves, Abby’s surprised when Ben appears to say Hi.

At CL’s, Tara thinks it a bit premature for Sally’s congratulations. You haven’t heard the latest, Sally informs that Summer called Lauren; she wants to meet to discuss something very important.

At Society, Nick thinks this might really be the end of Summer and Kyle this time. Wait, you blame Kyle for this, don’t you? Jack realizes.

In their suite, Kyle’s surprised to see Summer packing already – I’m not giving up on us. I’ll follow you to Italy! No way I’ll just accept this and walk away. You need to accept this – Summer doesn’t love Kyle the way he does her – and I never will!

Abby can’t believe Ben’s here. It’s been so long – what brings you to GC? A retirement party for his old boss at Memorial. He’s so happy to hear that Abby got married.

Amanda’s rant continues; My grandfather knew everything, and that Richard wouldn’t stop until he found me and Hilary. He manipulated me to prevent the truth from coming out. Yes, she now believes Sutton’s behind the car accident that killed my father.

This makes no sense to Kyle – I know you love me. Summer doesn’t anymore – there’s too much pain. Do you see any love in my eyes now? It’s resentment. There’s nothing going on between Tara and me, Kyle insists. It’s Summer he loves. Please go – get out! Summer’s demand finally obeyed, she’s left alone to sob.

In the lobby, Kyle marches over to Phyllis – are you aware that Summer’s calling off the wedding and leaving the country? Yes, she dropped that bomb on us earlier – sorry. Don’t just be sorry, Kyle wants her help to fix this.

Back at CL’s, Tara sees no reason to gloat – her only motive is to protect her son. Sally knows better; you’re trading one powerful man for another. Get off your high horse, Tara knows Sally has her eyes set on an Abbott man too. If you run into trouble you have my number, Sally offers. Yes, I most certainly do, Tara says pointedly as she exits.

Summer’s been through so much – and Nick already has one kid who loves on another continent. Jack has to consider that maybe it’s just not in the cards for Kyle and Summer.

Phyllis is just as confused as Kyle – but you have to respect Summer’s decision. Your ex just brought your son to town – how did you expect Summer to react? Sorry, but there’s nothing you can do, Phyllis concludes.

On the patio, Abby asks about Max and is sorry to hear that he’s been moved from facility to facility. Looking at Abby’s phone, Ben asks if Mariah’s having a baby – then hears she’s a surrogate; Abby can’t carry a baby to term. Because of the miscarriage? he sadly assumes.