Friday, June 25th, 2021

Jack comes down to ask Kyle how it went with Summer last night. Not well – she’s moving to Italy right away. How can I let her go?

Nick and Phyllis are helping Summer pack up her suite. No need to send her winter stuff later -she’s taking it all now. Moving to Italy isn’t a trial run – it’s where she plans to live and work.

At Newman Media, Victor and Nikki discuss two of their grandchildren moving to Europe. Kyle having a three-year-old is enough to make anyone run. But to leave everything behind? Nikki hopes Summer’s moving for the right reason.

Growth is good, right? Summer recalls her Dad always saying that. She will be learning and growing in Italy. After Nick and Phyllis leave the room, Summer picks up a framed photo of her and Kyle, flashing back to Tara’s ultimatum – then places it face down.

Jack’s left to agonize when Kyle decides to try one more time to talk Summer out of leaving.

When Kyle arrives, Phyllis tells him that Summer’s gone to say goodbye to Faith and her grandparents. Maybe my daughter doesn’t want to be part of your ready-made family. That said, Phyllis doesn’t blame Kyle, and Summer doesn’t either. But, you have to accept that there’s nothing left to fight for. Kyle puts the framed photo back down and runs out.

On the CL’s patio, Summer tells Mariah and Faith that she’s moving to Italy – tonight. Mariah excuses herself so Summer can try to sell Faith on the exciting move. What about Kyle? The wedding? There won’t be one. Ciao – it means ‘see you later’. With I love you’s, Faith leaves Mariah to return to call Summer selfish for dumping Kyle because he committed to his kid. Goodbye snowflake.

When Kyle runs onto the CL’s patio, Mariah immediately says he deserves better. Sorry – I overstepped – I thought Summer had matured. When you love someone you do everything you can to make it work. Kyle takes that as advice – thanks! he runs out.

When Summer joins Lauren and Sally at Society, Sally congratulates her. Summer would like to speak to Lauren about making a smooth transmission. Taking the hint, Sally says it’s been wonderful collaborating. Good luck on all your future endeavors, Summer politely replies. On her way out, Sally texts Tara – Summer’s going to screw me on her way out, at least one of us gets what we want. Back at the table, Summer surprises Lauren with her suggestion for her replacement and the ladies part ways on best of terms. On her way out, Summer updates Billy that she’s leaving for Italy. When Kyle needs a friend, be there for him. Billy knows she still loves him. I’m pulling for you.

When Sally rejoins Lauren, she admits she wasn’t in the running at Marchetti. Hoping to step into Summer’s shoes, she’s surprised to hear that Summer recommended her.

At Society, Kyle’s minutes behind Summer again. Billy tells him he’s in an impossible situation. As a gambler, he thinks Kyle still has a shot until that plane leaves the tarmac.

Summer’s with Jack in the park. Yes, he’s heard about her amazing opportunity in Italy. Did you talk to Kyle today? He went to find you – he thinks there’s something he can say to change your mind. Kyle needs to let me go – please help him see that it’s for the best for everyone, Summer implores.

From the moment Tara and Harrison arrived in GC, Jack could have predicted this – but wasn’t able to explain it to Kyle. Summer’s happy that Kyle loves being a Dad but she’s not ready for all that. Both reminisce about Jack giving her a gift for every birthday he missed (when he thought he was her Dad) He’ll be there for Kyle, But, also promises to be there for Summer; wherever you, day or night, I’m a phone call away – never forget that.