Monday, June 28th, 2021

Ashland enters his suite with Vikki – ending a call with one of his many lawyers. This isn’t just another deal; it’s his entire legacy. Newman and Locke, two great entities coming together as one, Vikki’s words make her look deliriously happy – until she notices that Ashland doesn’t seem to be talking about just the merger anymore.

Visiting Chelsea, Chloe’s surprised to find her in such an upbeat mood. I’m acting normal, it’s my only way out, Chelsea cheerily confides.

Leaving the penthouse, Adam flashes back to a happy time with Chelsea, then first suspecting that she’s not confined to a wheelchair (but has recovered enough to fool everyone and frame him)

Vikki wants to focus on one kind of merger and save the other kind for another day. She’s saved when Ashland’s phone goes off. He scowls at it – how could this have happened? his worry spreads to Vikki.

No Dad, Summer’s gone – you were right, I couldn’t stop her, Kyle ends his call as he walks into the house. Tara appears to claim that she didn’t hear the door (a lie) If there’s anything I can do …. Daddy! Harrison runs in. If this is a bad time … Tara offers quietly – but is clearly happy when Kyle perks up to declare it the perfect time.

At ChanceCom, Billy could use a distraction from worrying about Kyle. Lily summoned him to read a headline on her tablet; Ashland has six months to live. Poor Harrison. IF this tabloid article is true, and Vikki knows, Billy thinks this a BIG story.

Yes, Vikki got the same alert on her phone – but it’s just a gossip site. What difference does it make? They got their facts straight. Adding that there’s only a handful of people who could have leaked this, Ashland hurries out – there’s someone I have to see.

Nikki returns to Newman Media with a gift; one of Victor’s favourite photos (of them) that he’ll put in his private office. She knows he’s just joking about hiring her away from Vikki – you’re still holding out hope that I’ll be your spy (which won’t happen) After Adam bursts in, Nikki leaves him to show Victor the latest post on the National Inquisitor; Ashland Locke has six months to live.

Who wants ice cream? Tara’s told to go ahead to the kitchen with Harrison when Ashland shows up at the front door. Seconds later, Tara rejoins Kyle in the living room. You leaked my illness to the media! Ashland accuses her.

Now that you’ve latched on to new millionaires, you can afford to be vindictive – YOU are the only one with motive to destroy me! Ashland lashes out – destroying my company will only hurt Harrison! Tara knows nothing about this leak – she doesn’t want the company. Are you using Vikki to prove how little I mattered to you? Kyle interrupts – Stop! Harrison can hear you fighting!

Back at ChanceCom, Billy wonders if Vikki knows and that’s what she meant by ‘having a plan’. Lily suggests they take a different approach. Since Vikki puts up walls when Billy asks, she’ll do the fishing (while Billy tackles Ashland) Divide and conquer is our specialty.

Chelsea needs to show the doctors that she’s making progress – they can’t keep me here if I’m cured. But are you normal or are you acting normal? Chloe has to ask. It doesn’t matter – Chelsea’s ‘way more normal’ than Adam and Sharon will ever be. You think you can pull off two miraculous recoveries without anyone figuring it out? Chloe remains skeptical.