Tuesday, June 29th, 2021

In Vikki’s office, Ashland relays Tara’s denial of leaking his illness. Vikki agrees he should ignore it – who has time for idle gossip? As for talk of the merger, she wants to postpone it – you need some air; come on.

At the house, Tara relives the entire conversation with Ashland; his accusation, her denial. Jack appears to check on her. Whether the news is accurate or not, he knows Tara wants to shield Harrison. If he loses the only Father he’s ever known, Jack and Kyle will see him through it.

Amanda thanks Devon for lunch (at the penthouse) Maybe next time you’ll eat it, he jokes. Amanda needs Naya to recant her confession. Imani blames me for everything, not Sutton (who they’re all dependent upon, financially and emotionally) He has an iron grip on the whole family! Except you, Devon smiles.

Billy’s on the phone with another one of ChanceCom’s ‘brilliant’ reporters who’s also ‘hit a wall’. ‘Keep digging on whether Locke’s on borrowed time’ he instructs. Lily hopes it’s not true – maybe an enemy’s behind it. Reminding that Vikki hinted something big’s going on, Billy wants to widen the scope of their investigation to someone who might want to hurt Ashland – and he knows right where to start.

Victor’s summoned Devon to Society to discuss promoting some of his Winter’s Mood artists. Yes, Devon’s interested but can’t give Newman Media an exclusive because Lily plans to give them some exposure on her platform too. Victor respects the way Devon’s kept the family together; a clumsy segue to how devastated Amanda must be to learn that one of her family members killed another.

On the CL’s patio, Amanda’s on the phone. Naya refuses to meet with me? That’s odd, she had no problem earlier. Hearing that Naya already had a visitor, her Father, it suddenly makes sense to Amanda.

This is nice, but why did Vikki bring Ashland to Chancellor Park? You need time to decompress – enjoy something other than business – you can’t push yourself at the same pace, Vikki lectures. Right, Ashland must push faster now that he’s in a race against time. Reflecting on her recovering after being stabbed, Vikki’s lesson is to slow things down – focus on what really matters.

Jack knows Billy’s dropped by looking for info on Ashland’s health. If the news is true, that’s HIS business, Jack doesn’t think Billy should risk ChanceCom’s reputation over it. Billy hates to break his brother’s heart – but I’m not here to see you.

Billy assumes that Tara might appreciate the opportunity to get her side of the story out there. That woman’s going through a hell of a lot right now, Jack scolds – and your nephew’s devastated. Summer left – your advice to Kyle backfired, he adds. Billy can handle this story with sensitivity and compassion – we can set the tone. Have the decency to let Tara process this, Jack implores. Tara appears to say she appreciates Jack’s concern but is willing to talk to Billy.

Nina’s at ChanceCom to chit-chat with Lily about Devon helping Abby and Chance. In town until the baby’s born, Nina has nothing to do so is looking for work. Yes, her experience is mostly screenplays and novels but she’s done freelance news articles too. Yes, she’s done a lot of research and has a lot of connections. Hmmm – Lily does have a specific project in mind and will be in touch after she runs it by Billy.