Wednesday, June 30th, 2021

In her office, Vikki tries to convince her Father that Ashland’s fine and amused by the rumours of him dying. So, where there’s smoke there’s no fire, Victor’s not buying it.

Running into Tara at CL’s, Sally wonders if the big box of brownies is to celebrate Summer leaving town. No – they’re for Harrison. Obviously happy that Summer’s gone, Sally thinks it best for her too; she and Kyle weren’t meant to be.

Yes, Kyle’s checking out of TGP. Yes, he’s moving into the Abbott mansion. He wants to be closer to his son. And his Mom, Phyllis quickly adds.

Hearing Mariah ‘screaming’, Abby hurtles downstairs. Mariah was just ‘rocking out’ to a video Tessa just posted. When she decides to go to Society to pick up Tessa’s favourite desserts, Abby insists on going – but is surprised to find Ben at the front door.

Having brought a gift for the baby, Abby invites Ben in to see Mariah. How’s Sharon? She and Rey are on a second honeymoon. Ben’s sure Chance will be a great Dad to his son. He’ll be back for the birth, right? Abby’s sure he will be. When Devon drops by, he’s happily surprised to see ‘Stitch’ (who’s even more surprised when the ladies hint that he’s the bio-Father)

Back at TGP, Kyle can’t believe Phyllis just said that. She’s sorry for the comment and that his relationship with Summer had to end over ‘this mess’. Jack arrives to say he’s happy that Kyle’s moving back in. After Kyle leaves, Jack’s sure he’ll lick his wounds then be OK. Why did Summer really leave town? he asks Phyllis.

Griping that everyone’s watching every move she and Ashland make, Vikki discreetly tosses a NE folder on top of the folder labelled ‘Locke’. You’re not concerned about me, you’re interested in Ashland’s business, Vikki lists everyone else who’s inquired about his health; Mom, Billy, even Lily. It’s none of anyone’s business if she’s friends with Ashland, dates, or even marries him. Nikki arrives to hear Vikki snap – everyone needs to butt the hell out of my life!

Ben thinks their ‘modern family’ ‘awesome’- he’s so happy for Abby and Chance. Sadly, Max’s condition has worsened – he doesn’t really recognize me anymore. Great seeing everyone, Ben needs to get to the retirement party. Hey – maybe Abby could come along – he hates going to these things alone. Abby politely taking a pass, Ben wishes them all the best of luck and looks longingly at Abby – wonderful to see you.

Victor’s concerned about Ashland’s health but Vikki assures me he’s OK – end of story, he’ll now leave Nikki to continue asking the inappropriate questions. Nikki wonders if Vikki mentioned merging with Ashland’s company (to her Father) No, of course not. Is there something I need to know? Vikki’s suspicious.

Phyllis only knows what Summer told her – but can Jack really blame her for leaving an impossible situation in favour of a great opportunity. Phyllis commends her daughter for extracting herself from this mess – YOU, you brought it into your home.

It looks like you’re moving in, Tara eyes Kyle’s luggage. It’s where he needs to be. Can I do anything for you? Is there anything you need? she’s disappointed that Kyle just needs to kiss his son goodnight then some ‘alone time’.

Nikki’s sure Victor will dig into Ashland’s health and if he finds out he’s dying, will know his company’s vulnerable. Vikki knows her Father was fishing. Victor might attempt a hostile takeover – pitting you against your Father again, Nikki worries. Vikki shouldn’t be so confident that she’ll win this time – nothing’s signed and Ashland sold to Victor and Adam before – he can do it again.

Jack tells Phyllis that Kyle’s determined to co-parent his son – he sympathizes with Summer but having Harrison around is a gift. For Harrison’s sake, Jack hopes the rumours about Ashland’s health aren’t true. Either way, he’ll be there for his grandson. You have a big heart – not jaded despite being burned so many times (like Phyllis is) Not wanting to discuss her issues with Nick, Jack believes that love is worth the risk.