Thursday, July 1st, 2021

Lily’s in a satin robe, Billy’s bare-chested as he reclines with his laptop. Oh, how ‘sexy’ and ‘perfect’ he is. Such a curse. While her sexiness and beauty is a ‘gift’.

Running into his former father-in-law at CL’s, Ben jumps into a sparring stance. Delighted, Victor’s ready to go a few rounds. He’s sorry to hear that Max’s brain surgery didn’t go well. At the mention of Abby, Ben feels her knows her well enough to wonder how she’s ‘really doing’.

Tessa finds Mariah reading a pregnancy book (since she can’t sleep) Mariah’s about to explain why she feels guilty when Abby bursts in with surprise desserts for Tessa (no longer a surprise) Both are puzzled when Mariah runs out – gotta get plates!

Jack gives Sally credit for persistence. Checking his watch, he’s surprised it’s late enough for Society to be closing up. How did that happen? Sally wasn’t sure Jack would come. He wasn’t sure either. Some people close to him question his judgment – but here we are.

You always had a hard time sleeping, Kyle finds Tara looking at framed family photos in the living room. She can’t believe he remembered that.

Surprising Ashland in his suite, Vikki quickly makes it clear that she’s just there to deliver news he needs to hear.

Bourbon on the rocks it is. Vikki deliberated before telling Ashland this but – my Father’s suspicious about your health. He’s probably planning a move as we speak.

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Seated at CL’s, Victor thinks it’s nice that Ben’s concerned about Abby – her husband will be home soon and then take a job at the GCPD (so he won’t be leaving her again) They agree that Abby deserves the best (though Ben clearly doesn’t feel Chance is it)

Kyle and Tara reminisce about their fling being stressful – it ended as quickly as it began, Kyle never knew why. Tara’s sorry – she feared Ashland would catch them. And she got pregnant. Kyle wishes he knew about that. Tara second-guessed herself all the time – and wonders why she still can’t sleep.

Jack lists all the topics he and Sally have discussed – what’s left? The reason Sally invited him here – we both know it’s not just for a friendly drink. OK, Sally feels she needs Jack’s forgiveness to move on with her life in GC.

Nikki joins Victor and Ben at CL’s – it’s so good to see you after all these years, she gushes.

Abby and Tessa encourage Mariah to share what’s bothering her. She never thought about how it would feel, emotionally and physically, to carry a child. Pregnancy is incredible. Abby gets that Mariah feels guilty because she will never feel that – but no need, she’s glad Mariah’s enjoying it.

Billy’s going over their reporter’s notes on the Locke divorce – which includes Vikki. On paper, she and Ashland look good but he’s not her type. Aaaannnd I’m an idiot for going on about Vikki, Billy smiles. Yes, you are, Lily agrees.

Vikki suggests Ashland get ahead of the rumours. He’s not ready to go public for fear of looking weak or vulnerable. Reporters are harassing his staff for info on his health. Vikki persists – time is of the essence – let’s flip the script.