Friday, July 2nd, 2021

At ChanceCom, Billy’s ready to pop champagne to celebrate their story ‘Keys to the Locke Divorce’ going viral. Frowning at her laptop, Lily wants to hold off – we need to stay on our toes. Billy agrees there will be fireworks, thanks to their last-minute bombshell revelation.

Victor reads the article on his tablet at home and sends Adam a text instructing him to read it ASAP.

On the patio, Adam reads Victor’s message but disregards it because he’s with Connor. Inside, Sharon remarks that Sally must be reading something very interesting on her phone. Yes, this article on the Locke’s divorce is fascinating.

Unimpressed, Phyllis reads the article in the lobby of her hotel.

I’m going to kill Billy! Kyle tosses his tablet aside. Tara and Jack aren’t thrilled with the article either. What the hell are we gonna do?? Kyle frets.

Billy feels they’re prepared for any backlash. No one should feel blindsided; he even interviewed Tara personally. Their source finding out that Locke’s flown his personal doctor to GC confirms the rumours that he’s sick. Sipping champagne, Billy wastes little time mentioning Vikki – she’s playing with fire.

Dropping by Ashland’s suite, Vikki’s not disappointed that he’s not feeling well enough to go to LA, but she does a good job faking concern. Both getting phone alerts from their PR teams, Ashland supposes they should read how much damage his ex has done.

Nick videochats Phyllis from Italy. Summer’s hurting but pushing through it. Oh, so you guys haven’t seen the article ChanceCome just posted, Phyllis correctly assumes.

Back on the patio, Adam tells Connor that they’re moving to their own house at the ranch. Your grandfather and Nikki are very excited. That’s great but Connor wants to see his Mom. She’ll be ready for a visit very soon, Adam promises. Joining them, Sharon’s surprised when Connor blurts out the news of their move. After sending Connor in for a milk refill, Adam hopes it won’t be a problem for her.

Kyle’s still furious but Tara agrees with Jack; the article’s invasive but it’s accurate. She then slips up by saying she hopes Ashland’s happy with Vikki in the time he has left. The time he has left?? Jack squints.

Tara and Kyle cover quickly – since Ashland flew his doctor to GC there’s a slight chance it’s true that he’s sick. Seemingly buying it, Jack leaves Kyle to ask Tara if there’s anything he can do for her.

Adam updates Sharon that it’s over between him and Chelsea but Connor doesn’t need to know that (and will be able to see his Mom if she’s in a good space) Things go wrong, even for the strongest of couples, he says pointedly. Sharon hangs on every word.

Vikki’s not happy with the innuendos about her in the article. Billy warned me about getting involved with you. We’re involved? Ashland’s hopeful. Yes, she hopes so.