Wednesday, July 7th, 2021

At Newman Media headquarters, Adam updates Victor that Chelsea did indeed take matters into her own hands – she’ll do whatever’s necessary to get her life back. That’s what Victor’s afraid of. What if she runs off with Connor? Adam doesn’t think she’d jeopardize her relationship with him. He’d rather work with her than go to war. Victor calls Dr Hedges to say that he’s arranging an early release. Adam’s grateful. Victor hopes they don’t regret this decision.

Chelsea meets Chloe in the park – Dr Hedges brought me here to meet Adam (who instructed me to behave) Yes, he knows about the recording. Chloe doesn’t trust Adam either – but he did hire her and promised to bring Chelsea onboard too after she’s released. Out for a jog, a surprised Rey asks Chelsea what she’s doing here.

Don’t worry, the town is safe, Chelsea chuckles as she informs Rey that she’s on an outing for good behavior. Leaving to meet Kevin and Myles, Chloe agrees to get a message to Connor that his Mom loves and misses him. Rey’s left to comment that Chloe seems nervous, Chelsea’s determined to make the best of this second chance – she sees light at the end of the tunnel. No, she hasn’t been able to see Connor yet but hopes to soon. Satisfied that she has her priorities straight, Rey wishes Chelsea the best before jogging off.

At CL’s, Connor excitedly raves to Sharon about living on the ranch. Adam appears to ask how Faith’s doing. Great, even though her Mom’s assigned her with doing inventory. When Faith agrees to give Connor some horseback riding lessons, Adam readily agrees. He’s then left to tell Sharon how happy he is that Connor will grow up with Faith – she’s like a big sister to him.

While Connor helps Faith finish her inventory, Adam updates Sharon that Chelsea might be released soon. She physically recovered quickly, so her doctor expects her mental health to recover quickly too. What have you told Connor? Sharon wonders. That his Mom’s recovering from surgery. Rey arrives to say that he ran into Chelsea at the park. I thought she was in the hospital, Connor chirps after overhearing. Your Mom’s doctor brought her outside for some fresh air, Rey explains – she can’t wait to see you. If she can talk to Rey, she can talk to me, right? Connor asks his Dad (who’ll look into it)

Chloe joins Kevin at Society – he smoothed things over with Mike (but you getting defensive and storming out didn’t help) He’s not impressed that Chloe bolted from their meeting with Mike to go see Chelsea – when will this stop?!

Connor tells Faith that he misses his Mom so much. Aside, Adam scolds Rey for mentioning running into Chelsea in the park. Why not take Connor to see her at the park right now? Rey thinks it cruel to keep Mother and son apart any longer than necessary.

Nina and Abby love the lullaby Tressa’s working on for the baby. Abby then gets a call from Uncle Jack – oh, you didn’t know Mariah left town? Let me know if you hear anything. Nina and Abby reassure Tessa – Mariah will be back soon with the hilarious story of her whereabouts.

Chloe sees nothing wrong with visiting her friend. True, but there is something wrong with a friend enlisting your help in poisoning a detective. You’re not being charged because my brother is the DA, Kevin adds. He begs Chloe to stay away from this mess – and reconsider the job Adam offered you. Chelsea really needs me, Chloe comments. So do Bella and Myles – this family can’t afford to lose you again! Kevin’s frustrated.

Chelsea’s minder (Tyler) gives her two more minutes before they have to leave the park. Connor! Oh, my sweet boy! she hugs her son as Adam stands by.