Wednesday, July 7th, 2021

A ‘radiant’ Nikki drops by Newman Media to update Victor that Summer’s excited to see them in Italy. When Victor wants to postpone the trip, Nikki questions his change of heart.

As Chelsea’s minder hovers, Chelsea thanks Dr Hedges for arranging this outing and assumes he’s working on her release. He agrees to ask Chloe to meet her – but first, here’s another visitor. Adam would have brought Connor – but that’s before Chelsea made a big mistake.

Mike joins Kevin and Chloe (with Myles in his stroller) at Society. Chelsea’s doctor is keeping him updated – he doesn’t want to investigate her – but is curious (and suspicious of Chloe)

At CL’s, Sharon greets her two favorite customers. Next time, they go to Miami they’ll take Faith with them. After Rey leaves for his run, Faith asks her Mom if Adam moving to the ranch will be a problem.

Nina ends a call with Cricket to bid Abby good morning. No, Chris doesn’t have any new info on Chance. Tessa had a gig last night and Mariah sent Abby a text from the airport (she’s off on a last-minute business trip)

Adam moving to the ranch is not a problem for Sharon. What about Rey? Faith notes that he’s taking his run in town instead of at the ranch. How do you feel about it? Sharon asks. Faith feels obligated to give Adam the benefit of the doubt but hopes he doesn’t mess with her Mom’s marriage again.

Victor wants to postpone the trip to Italy to support Connor. He has Adam to look after him, Nikki points out – and Summer needs your support too. Victor agrees – Italy it is.

Back at CL’s, Kevin asks Mike to elaborate on his interest in Chelsea. He just wants to know what Chloe talked to her about. Chloe doesn’t condone Chelsea’s behavior but she shouldn’t be cut off from her child.

What mistake did I make? Chelsea asks. At Adam’s suggestion, De Hedges leaves them to speak privately (Tyler will stay to monitor Chelsea) Adam knows about Chelsea’s arrangement with Victor, that she faked her breakdown and plans to blackmail Dr Hedges (which is a bad move because it shows Victor that you’re a loose cannon)

Kevin distracts Mike with his concern about kids setting off fireworks. I don’t know, call the police – do you know anyone that works there? Mike continues to grill Chloe on Chelsea’s mental state and why she and Adam expect her to be released soon (like her breakdown wasn’t a big deal) Neither Kevin or Chloe appreciate Mike hinting that Chloe helped her friend. Getting a text, Chloe’s says ‘gotta go’ (and does so) Nice going, Kevin snarls at his brother.

Chelsea was desperate because Adam, Victor and Dr Hedges are conspiring against her. She has no intention to run off with Connor (who doesn’t want to be separated from his Father) Adam appreciates her confessing so will appeal to his Dad (as long as she agrees to continue therapy) Fine – what else? Stop with the blackmail. Both agreeing that Connor needs his Mom, Adam wants Chelsea to let him help her.

Tessa comes downstairs – she hung out with some fans after her set then texted Mariah (who still hasn’t replied) Tessa thinks she may be shopping (since she didn’t take her overnight bag or maternity clothes)

Having worked for Jabot, Abby isn’t alarmed by Mariah’s sudden business trip. She could have lost her phone or wrapped up business and is on her way home, Nina also tries to reassure a concerned Tessa. Abby then leaves Jack a message asking what hotel Mariah’s staying at. We should have some answers soon, she reassures Tessa.