Thursday, July 8th, 2021

Traci and Ashley babble excitedly about their flight to GC – they can’t wait to meet Harrison and Tara. Poor Summer though, the Abbot’s really thought they’d make it this time. So did I, Kyle joins his Dad and Aunts.

Clutching him tightly, Chelsea loves Connor more than anything in the world. Are you still sick? How much longer will you have to stay in the hospital? the boy wonders. Adam watches on as Chelsea says she’s getting better every day. Seeing Connor is the best medicine.

Meeting Lily at Society, Nina mentions no one being able to reach Mariah but is sure everything’s fine. Knowing that ChanceCom’s busy with the Locke divorce sage, she wonders if that’s the project Lily wants to talk to her about.

Still on the subject of Summer, Kyle adds that some people weren’t helpful, as Billy strolls in to defend ChanceCom’s article. Are the rumours of Ashland’s illness true? Traci and Ashley ask. Jack and Kyle are focused on Harrison. Billy agrees that what happens in this house doesn’t end up in an article. Tara then brings Harrison in for introductions.

After a shopping spree, Summer and Nick are back in his hotel suite. Tomorrow, he’s off to visit Noah in London. Knowing her Dad’s keeping something from her, Summer asks him to come clean.

Though this meeting has nothing to do with the Lockes, Lily and Nina agree it’s a captivating story. When Nina mentions the ‘human’ side, Lily says that’s what makes her perfect for what she has in mind.

Tara smiles demurely as Harrison continues to win over the rest of the Abbott’s.

Summer knows about ChanceCom’s article on the Locke’s and feels it confirms her decision to leave. It was best for everybody. I’m going to be fine, she reassures her protective Father.

Thrilled that his Dad’s going to get a soccer ball from the car, Connor’s sent off to get drinks. Chelsea thanks Adam and is surprised to hear that his run-in with Rey motivated it. He’s already spoken to Victor and he’s setting things in motion for your release. Finally, I’m getting my life back, Chelsea tears up.

Nick marvels at how far Summer’s come since first returning to town broke and in a stolen car. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for her. OK, promise you won’t be hard on Kyle, Summer implores.

After Kyle takes Harrison to the kitchen for muffins, the Abbott siblings declare him utterly adorable. When Billy mentions the article, Tara understands that she and Ashland are public figures but her son is off-limits. Now the Abbott sisters would like to get to know Tara, who declares herself an open book.

After kicking a ball around with Connor, Chelsea and Adam agree that they’ll never be a couple again. She wants to spend as much time as possible with her son. Adam’s also enjoying time with ‘our’ son. Told that arrangements will be made as the need arises, Chelsea bites her tongue.

Tara’s parents have been gone for a while and she has an estranged brother. Ashland did a lot of traveling; Harrison means everything to her. After reading the book Traci wrote on the family, Tara thinks Harrison lucky to be part of the Abbott legacy. Ashley’s a fan of her shoes (which will be marketed in America by Lauren) Tara’s most important role is Harrisons’ Mom. After she goes to the kitchen, Jack breaks the silence; she’s something, isn’t she? Billy was thinking the same thing (and not in a good way)

Nick and Summer exchange a weepy, farewell hug and I love you’s.

Lily would like Nina to do a series of feature stories on the old guard vs the new guard in the business world. Nina looks forward to doing a deep dive on this brilliant concept.

Adam assures Connor that he’ll get to see his Mom again. Chelsea gives him a bone-crushing hug – bye for now. I’ll be in touch, Adam leaves her looking wistful.