Tuesday, July 6th, 2021

Meeting with Lily and Billy at TGP, Nate had no idea AskWebMDnow would take off the way it has. Billy asks Nate about shortness of breath in someone who’s seeing an oncologist – not good, is it?

You make me feel invincible, Ashland has reservations about Vikki seeing his decline. He won’t ruin what time he has left in treatment and needs to know she accepts his decision (if they’re to be ‘involved’)

Devon brings out a platter of snacks – there’s still time to cancel if Amanda wants. No, this get-together will be a nice distraction she says as she opens the door to welcome Imani and her bottle of fine wine.

I’ll finish up with you later, Victor dismisses Dr Hedges. Assuming the doctor was there regarding Chelsea, Adam’s left to ask his Father ‘what’s going on’?

Nate can’t accurately say why someone would be short of breath. It could be a lot of things. Yes, lung cancer. Hypothetically, this colleague of Billy’s should seek treatment.

Ashland skipped the grieving step and accepts his diagnosis. He’s sorry that Tara and Kyle will erase him from Harrison’s memory (though hopes Vikki can do something about that) Treatment will give you more time with your son, Vikki yet again implores Ashland to change his mind.

Victor explains that he offered Chelsea a chance to stay out of prison. He had her confess to poisoning Rey and had Mike enter an insanity plea. How on earth did you get Chelsea to go along with this plan? Adam asks. So, she faked her breakdown? Victor wouldn’t go that far.

Their business wrapped up, Nate has to get to Devon’s. Billy has something he needs to do. Lily knows what it is – you have my full support.

Vikki agrees – she’s sorry for selfishly wanting Ashland with her as long as possible. She accepts his terms – we have a deal.

Chelsea’s not well, but she does have a sense of self-preservation, Victor assures Adam that she’s where she needs to be.

Imani and Amanda agree that tonight will be a nice distraction from family drama. Nate arrives to say that Elena’s running a bit late. We have to stop meeting like this, Imani flirts. Oh? Amanda raises an eyebrow. Can we tell him? Imani’s excited. Nate’s surprised to hear that she and Amanda are sisters.

Give Nate some wine, I think we just broke him, Imani quips. So, you’re the sister who filed a restraining order against Amanda? Nate asks – what happened? Devon would rather save it for another day. OK, Nate would like to hear more about Imani. She likes to be direct with people. She’s also good at steering the conversation (back to DR Nate’s internet stardom) Elena then joins the party – sorry I’m late. She and Imani have already met. How long are you in town? she asks pointedly.

Victor defends his manipulations to Adam. Chelsea’s confession ended the search for you – which allowed you to come back home. The insanity plea kept her out of prison. Victor thinks he did a pretty damn good job of protecting Connor. Adam’s grateful but we need to get Chelsea out of there – whatever’s wrong with her is because of me. Get Dr Hedges back over here to give his assessment of her mental state.

Billy’s laying in wait in TGP’s lounge when Vikki comes off the elevator. He lost a bet with himself; he’d have put money she’d stay the night. That’d give you more gossip for your little site, Vikki sneers. How’s Ashland feeling? Billy wants an exclusive when he confirms the rumours are true.