Friday, July 19th, 2021

Sharon appreciates the apology and wishes Chelsea good luck. That went better than expected, Chelsea’s left to whine some more to Rey. Wished more luck, Chelsea leaves Rey to tell Sharon that her being at Adam and Victor’s mercy (when it comes to Connor) is as bad as being locked up.

Nikki’s left to again ask what Vikki’s excited about. The merger of course. It is a big deal but Nikki can’t help but worry about Vikki falling for a man who won’t be around long. Vikki assures that she has her emotions under control.

Tara asks Sally to take a video of her playing with Harrison and Kyle – but moves away when Ashland appears to bicker about whether he was supposed to see his son today or tomorrow. Ashland suddenly leans on a tree and barks for Kyle to take Harrison away. You’ve done enough, he grabs his chest and rejects Tara’s concern.

Sharon’s glad Adam could come to meet her at CL’s – so she could ask him to reconsider not letting Connor go with Chelsea.

You terrified Harrison; made him think you don’t want him around, Tara scolds. Waving to Harrison, Ashland tells Tara to get her dates right next time. She then frets to Kyle about poor Harrison watching his Father get sicker every day.

Vikki nods off behind her desk to dream that Ashland comes in with the best news; he’s starting some promising new treatments tomorrow – so he can spend more time running their mega-company with Vikki (who’s startled awake by her phone)

Listening to Chelsea reminded Sharon of when she was mentally unstable. Seeing no comparison, Adam refuses to let Chelsea take Connor. Sharon persists – Chelsea needs Connor and he needs his Mom. Adam looks conflicted for a moment before calling Connor to ask how he’d feel about going on a trip with his Mom.

Racing into Society to find Ashland sulking over a drink, Vikki’s basically told to buzz off – he’s not in the mood to talk (even about the merger) Vikki won’t be spoken to like that – we’re in this together. Ashland apologizes, reaches for her hand and offers to tell her everything.

When Sally returns to show Tara the video she took, Tara feigns horror – how do I delete it? She sends it to herself first and tells Sally never to mention what she saw.

Adam’s summoned Chelsea back to CL’s to deliver exciting news – Connor can go with her. Victor appears to quickly contradict; Chelsea can go as long as she likes – Connor stays here.