Monday, July 12th, 2021

In the foreground, Nate and Elena clink wine glasses at Society. In the background, Mike and Rey discuss Chelsea’s upcoming trip. She’ll have a police officer with her – but not just any police escort.

At CL’s, Adam stands up for Chelsea (and to his Father) – as Sharon hovers.

After Faith and Moses come in chatting about their horseback ride, Mrs Newman (call me Nikki) goes to fetch the kids some lemonade.

Nate and Elena are enjoying doctor talk. He hopes she has room for dessert. Elena’s planned something special with the chef and will serve it to Nate herself. He’s left wondering briefly when Imani comes in to flirt. Oh – hello Elena – I hope you have enough dessert for three. No, just two, Elena grins.

At TGP, Devon and Amanda agree that Naya’s confession is less believable than Traci Abbott’s fiction. Amanda’s convinced Sutton had her Father killed. Convincing his daughter to take the rap is too horrible to contemplate.

In his suite, Ashland shares his humiliating incident with Vikki. She doubts it’s that bad. His phone beeping, Ashland huffs – you must be kidding me. Seems someone recorded him at the park. Who else has this video, he wonders.

Billy and Lily are watching the video at ChanceCom. Look at what a jerk Ashland’s being to his wife, Lily comments. Whoever submitted the video to them did so anonymously. Billy wants it published before other outlets get it. Not without knowing where it came from – that’s not the kind of journalists we are. You’re not seeing the big picture, Billy sounds condescending.

Stating his case, Billy realizes that Ashland’s cancer diagnosis is hitting too close to home for her but that’s HER experience (which maybe doesn’t have a place in this conversation)

** I see lots of words underlined in red squiggles – but it’s far too late to proofread this mess tonight.

Ashland ends a call with his lawyer. The video was submitted to outlets in NY anonymously. You won’t go through this alone, Vikki’s supportive. Ashland appreciates finally having someone he can let his guard down with. How different a man he could have been had he met Vikki earlier. She finds him the most compelling man – I’m so drawn to you.

Back at the ranch, Moses finally gets around to asking Faith what they mean to each other. We’re besties, right? Mentioning their long summer reading list, Faith thinks he better go home and get started on it. Returning with two glasses of lemonade, Nikki wonders where Moses is.

Victor spouts off about his grandson. He’s my SON, Chelsea reminds. Damn right he doesn’t trust her. I dictate to whoever I want to! You’re making a mistake, he warns Adam. As Sharon continues to watch on, Rey arrives to announce that he’ll be the police officer accompanying Chelsea.

Moses had to go, Faith’s not sure everything’s OK. Nikki sums it up that Moses wants to take their friendship to a deeper level and you’re not interested in that? Yes, Faith is interested but gave Moses the opposite signal. A supportive Nikki advises her not to hide behind her feelings.