Friday, July 19th, 2021

Vikki and Ashland are just a few signatures away from merging their companies when Nikki strolls into the office to ask if they’re ready to come out of the shadows and go public. With our merger or relationship? Vikki asks. You tell me, Nikki folds her arms and looks like she smells something bad.

Adam feels that Chelsea’s been treated fairly. Dr Hedges will petition the courts to have her released, but taking Connor out of state is NOT happening. Adam doesn’t want his son’s life disrupted yet again.

At CL’s, Rey and Sharon’s awkward flirting is interrupted when Abby calls looking for Mariah. Sharon didn’t know anything about a work trip. Abby and Tessa are concerned (and now so is Sharon)

Jack gets the check at Society and squints his eyes as he thinks about drinks with Sally. As luck would have it, Sally shows up in need of more drinks – to celebrate her first day running JVC.

I’m a good Mom, Chelsea argues. Yes, and that’s why Adam will let her spend as much time with Connor as she wants – in GC. Conceding defeat, Chelsea looks forward to her release (but clearly, that’s not enough)

Kyle’s flashing back to Jack’s sappy spiel about Fatherhood when Tara comes down to chide him for picking up Harrison’s toys. He’s fine with her using this address to register Harrison for preschool and T-ball. Family is what our little boy needs, he agrees.

Back at the ranch, Victor updates Adam that Dr Hedges and Mike recommended Chelsea’s release – under heavy restrictions. Adam’s sure she’ll cooperate – you couldn’t keep her locked away indefinitely. Yes, he called to confirm that Anita really broke her hip; Chelsea won’t be taking Connor when she goes to look after her Mother. Victor worries that he’ll be conned.

Ok, Kyle will make Harrison clean up his own toys next time – even if it breaks his heart. Tara’s sorry to hear that he hasn’t heard from Summer. Maybe you’ll be friends once the dust settles. Kyle doubts that. Tara soon makes it all about her until Kyle sees them in the same boat; trying to rebuild their lives. A family picnic in the park is a good place to start.

Nikki’s not a fan of secrets but understands why Ashland and Vikki don’t want to go public just yet. Ashland heaps praise on Nikki then leaves when his phone goes off. He’s spending the afternoon with his son!

Sally tells Jack that she got an LA actress friend to post a selfie wearing JVC. He’s sure Lauren will be impressed but can’t stay for a drink. He did indeed get a better offer; a picnic in the park with Harrison. Of course, Sally can stroll there with him.

Sharon clutches her chest; Chelsea! You scared me half to death!

Hi Grandpa! Harrison chirps. After he runs off to the swings, Tara makes it clear that Sally’s not invited to stay. Taken aside by Kyle, Jack tells him not to read anything into him arriving with Sally – this is not a date. The ladies continue to quietly reveal fangs through forced smiles.

And here’s Rey, just a few moments too late to give Sharon the heads up that Chelsea was released. After making amends to Sharon, Chelsea will go take care of her Mom. Too bad Adam and Victor will be turning Connor against her while she’s away. Boo hoo.